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Monica is LOVING her 21 DAY FIX experience. She’s been working hard, putting together her lists, preparing her food, and hitting her workouts. She’s also been making a lot of notes about her TOP 21 DAY FIX TIPS for YOU. (As a side note, I did Lower Fix with her on Sunday and that was no joke – it’s a serious leg workout. And, Autumn Calabrese is awesome, fun and does a fantastic job of queuing the moves.)

One of the reasons that Monica and I do certain workouts ourselves is so we can effectively coach others through them. We really can’t be effective unless we’ve lived it. So, we live it and share our thoughts through our own process.

That brings us to Monica’s 21 DAY FIX TIPS. We’ve filmed 10 separate videos, each of which is designed to help YOU with your very own 21 DAY FIX journey. If you’re interested in having Monica coach you through the program, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and check out our 21 DAY FREE FITNESS COACHING opportunity.

21 Day Fix Tip #1 – No Quick Fix Gimmicks

It’s tempting to look at the 21 DAY FIX as a quick-hitting gimmicky diet. But if you do, you’ll miss the big opportunity to learn some life long skills for success.

21 Day Fix Tip #2 – Use the Containers!

Don’t eyeball it. Use the 21 DAY FIX containers!

21 Day Fix Tip #3 – Don’t Cheat, But If You Do…

“CHEAT.” It’s a word that has a lot of judgment attached to it. Remember junior high, high school and college? Do your best to stay on the plan and, again – USE THE CONTAINERS!

21 Day Fix Tip #4 – Simplify with Shakeology

If you’re like us, you want things simple and fast. That’s SHAKEOLOGY. If you don’t know what it is or want more info on it, just go to www.myfavshake.com. If your interest is piqued, but you’re not entirely sure, we’ll be happy to send you a FREE SAMPLE.

21 Day Fix Tip #5 – Work From a List

Monica is a notorious list maker. (Don’t laugh, but she even puts “Find those sunglasses I lost” on her list in the hopes of manifesting them.) In all seriousness, this is one of the reasons she’s so good at following through and getting things done. Take a page from her book and start using lists! They don’t have to be big fancy spreadsheets – just get a piece of paper and a highlighter!

21 Day Fix Tip #6 – Use the “3 Day Fix”

The 3 DAY FIX provides a unique opportunity to make the most out of the 21 DAY FIX.

21 Day Fix Tip #7 – Maximize Results with the “Doubles” Option

Doubling up on your workouts can really add a lot of extra calorie burn to your day, but you’ve got to be smart about it.

21 Day Fix Tip #8 – Maximize Workouts with Energy & Endurance

ENERGY & ENDURANCE is one of Monica’s favorite products.

21 Day Fix Tip #9 – 21 Day Fix Meal Planning Made Easy

This is where the rubber meets the road. In this video, Monica talks to you about how to plan out your meals and make a shopping list.

21 Day Fix Tip #10 – Follow Autumn’s Instructions

This seems obvious, but sometimes we get caught up in what’s going on and forget to listen.

Free Fitness Coaching for the 21 Day Fix Challenge

Monica and I offer FREE FITNESS COACHING for the 21 DAY FIX CHALLENGE (and all Beachbody Workouts). Why choose us? First, because we are BOTH P90X Certified Trainers. Second, we’ve done nearly all Beachbody’s workouts since we started working out in 2003. Third, we focus on nutrition because we know that’s the key to achieving great results. Fourth, we provide you with the structures you need to be successful by making you a part of a community (using Facebook). And finally, because you get two for the “price” of one – still a great value even though there is no price! You get us both and it’s highly likely that one of us will speak to you in a way that works for you. Just CLICK HERE for more details or fill out the form below.

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