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P90X Challenge – Week 6

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Week 6 of the P90X Challenge

Welcome to week 6 of the P90X Challenge!  If you’ve made it this far you should congratulate yourself.  Not that many people are able to stick with the P90X workout and get the most out of it.  Speaking of which…here’s the P90X Challenge Week 6 video where I talk about “time under tension” and how that might just kick your results into high gear.

Time Under Tension and the P90X Challenge

Time Under Tension (TUT) is pretty simple.  It’s a way of talking about the amount of time a given muscle is placed under stress.  A shorter TUT can yield given results and a longer TUT will yield different results.  Unlike workouts like Body Beast and Les Mills PUMP, P90X is not a workout that really takes advantage of TUT, unless you tweak it.  By making some of the small adjustments I’m talking about in the video above, you can change the TUT that you use with P90X.  Just give it a shot.  If you are an 8 to 10 rep person, pick up some lighter weights and do more reps.  Try doing a lot of them.  Often at the end of a workout, if I have extra energy (and time), I will do a “burn set”, which basically involves picking up a fairly light weight and doing a really high number of reps.  12 pounds may not seem like a lot of weight to use for bicep curls, but try doing 40 reps at the end of Back & Biceps from the P90X workout after that strip set Tony Horton puts you through.  Trust me, you’ll feel it.  Actually, don’t trust me…TRY IT.

Free Fitness Coaching for the P90X Challenge

As I mentioned in the video, my wife Monica and I offer Free Coaching for the P90X Challenge (and all Beachbody Workouts).  Why choose us?  Well, first we are BOTH P90X Certified Trainers.  Second, we’ve done the P90X workout several times.  Third, we focus on nutrition because we know that’s the key to great results with P90X.  Fourth, we provide you with the structures you need to be successful by making you a part of a community (using Facebook).  Finally, because you get two for the price of one (although it’s free, so there isn’t a price).  Seriously, you get us both and it’s highly likely that one of us will speak to you in a way that works for you.


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