P90X RECIPES: Mediterranean Tuna Salad

P90X RECIPE:: Mediterranean Tuna Salad | by Dave Ward of TheFitClubNetwork.com

by Dave Ward | The Fit Club Network This is SUCH a delicious recipe. It makes for TWO lunches or dinners for anyone wanting to eat clean – and is especially great for anyone on the P90X program. It includes 1 protein, 2 vegetables, and 1/2 fat and only 273 calories.    P90X RECIPES: MEDITERRANEAN TUNA SALAD SERVINGS: 2 […]

Sweet Potato Omelet with Kale + Broccoli

Sweet Potato Omelet | by Dave Ward of TheFitClubNetwork.com

by Dave Ward | The Fit Club Network This is a super easy recipe that’s packed with protein and nutrients. It makes for one delicious and clean breakfast, lunch or dinner for anyone – and is especially great for anyone doing P90X or Insanity. [I have a little tweak I do to make it work with Body […]

Tuna Salad in a Tomato (Insanity Lunch Recipes)

INSANITY LUNCH RECIPE:: Tuna Salad in a Tomato | from TheFitClubNetwork.com

by Dave Ward | The Fit Club Network   Here’s a super simple Insanity lunch recipe [or a light summer-y dinner!]. It’s an easy one to make extra, so you knock out a few meals in one trip to the kitchen. If you want to up the total meal calories a bit, add a fresh apple on […]

10 Healthy July 4th Recipes / Menu

Healthy July 4th recipes

Can you believe Independence Day is just around the corner??? We’ve put together some awesome July 4th recipes here that will keep you on track and healthy during the holiday. Enjoy!   10 HEALTHY JULY 4TH RECIPES (Click on the pic or the link to get the recipe!)   APPETIZERS   Tomato Feta Skewers by LivLife   […]

Breakfast Muffin Cups To Go (P90X Breakfast Recipe)

Breakfast Muffin Cups to Go (P90X2 Breakfast Recipe) | TheFitClubNetwork.com

Make extra of this awesome P90X breakfast recipe so you have still have a healthy breakfast on those rushed mornings. This is a great recipe to double up on so you have extra.   BREAKFAST MUFFIN CUPS TO GO (P90X2 BREAKFAST RECIPE)   SERVINGS: 3 (6 cups) SERVING SIZE: 2 cups SOURCE: P90X2 Nutrition Guide […]

Sweet Potato + Onion Omelet (Body Beast Recipe)

BODY BEAST RECIPE: Sweet Potato + Onion Omelet | by TheFitClubNetwork.com

Here’s one of Dave’s own BODY BEAST breakfast recipes that you can make in just a few easy steps:   SWEET POTATO + ONION OMELET (BODY BEAST RECIPE) SERVINGS: Makes 1 serving SOURCE: Coach Dave 1/4 sweet potato 1/5 white onion coconut oil 3 eggs 1 scoop Beachbody’s Base Shake (flavorless whey protein) Salsa + […]

Turkey, Goat Cheese & Avocado Rolls (Body Beast Lunch Recipe)

BODY BEAST RECIPE:: "Turkey, Goat Cheese & Avocado Rolls" | TheFitClubNetwork.com

Here’s one of our favorite BODY BEAST lunch recipes you can make in four easy steps!    TURKEY, GOAT CHEESE AND AVOCADO ROLLS (BODY BEAST P90X LUNCH RECIPE) SERVINGS: Makes 4 servings; 1 roll each SOURCE: Body Beast Nutrition Guide 4 romaine lettuce leaves 4 slices smoked turkey or roast beef (nitrite free) 4 Tbs […]

Chicken Broccoli Salad (P90X Dinner Recipes)

P90X Recipe - "Chicken Broccoli Salad" | by TheFitClubNetwork.com

Here’s one of our favorite P90X dinner recipes you can make in four easy steps!  CHICKEN BROCCOLI SALAD (P90X DINNER RECIPES) SOURCE: P90X2 Nutrition Guide 3 oz cooked chicken breasts, chopped 1-1/2 cups fresh broccoli florets, chopped 1 carrot, grated 1 Tbs chopped walnuts 2 Tbs chopped red onion 2 Tbs chopped celery 2 Tbs […]

Honey Jalapeño Chicken Wraps (P90X Dinner Recipe)

P90X RECIPE:: "Honey Jalapeno Chicken Wraps" | by TheFitClubNetwork.com

Here’s a tasty & easy P90X dinner recipe!    HONEY JALAPEÑO CHICKEN WRAPS (P90X DINNER RECIPE) SOURCE: P90X2 Nutrition Guide (2) 4 oz boneless, skinless chicken breasts 1 tsp coconut oil 1/2 tsp garlic powder 2 Tbs honey 2 Tbs Dijon mustard 2 Tbs finely minced jalapeño 1 tsp garlic powder (4) 5-6″ whole wheat […]

Chicken & White Bean Soup (P90X Dinner Recipe)

P90X DINNER RECIPE:: "Chicken & White Bean Soup" | TheFitClubNetwork.com

Brrrrrr. It’s been cold these days. Okay, we have no room to talk over here in California…but, we still love us some good, hot, P90X approved soup!      CHICKEN & WHITE BEAN SOUP (P90X DINNER RECIPE) SOURCE: P90X2 Nutrition Guide 2 tsp olive oil 1 large onion, chopped 2 stalks celery, chopped 1/4 tsp […]