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Beachbody Coach Dave Ward

Since the spring of 2003, my life has changed dramatically.

Hi—I’m Beachbody Coach Dave Ward. The spring of 2003 was when Monica and I discovered Beachbody and were introduced to our friend, mentor, and personal punishment distributor, Tony Horton.

We started with Power 90 and both had outstanding results. Next was P90X. Like a lot of people, I had great success and then life intervened and I struggled with keeping the weight off and staying in shape.

My downward spiral began in January 2006, when we moved to Phoenix, Arizona. I was working at a law firm that seemed to have a singular goal of running me into the ground. By January 2007, I had gained over 30 pounds and weighed in at a grand total of 192. I decided I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Out came the Power 90 VHS tapes [yes, VHS] and my re-dedication to fitness. By the end of that year, I had done 10,000 push ups and 10,000 sit ups. I also lost 20 pounds, most of which came off in those first 90 days. I had never felt better and decided to pull out the P90X DVDs once again.

In November 2007, my father passed away after a long battle with an extremely rare neurological disorder. He was an avid cyclist and the most gentle person I’ve ever known. I had just started a round of P90X when he got really sick and moved to Phoenix to be closer to us. I stuck to the strength workouts, but couldn’t do the cardio. P90X was the only thing in my life at that time that was not falling apart. Every day, Tony was there refusing to let me make any excuses.

March of 2008 was an exciting month. Monica received a Top Coach award and we went off to Hawaii where we got to work out with Tony and meet the Beachbody executives. Carl Daikeler [CEO] and Jon Congdon [President] are fabulous people who really understand how Beachbody can change lives—both physically and financially. I’m so very lucky to have met them, built trust with them, and to have gotten an intimate look into this incredible company.

A friend challenged me to do a sprint triathlon in April saying that there was no way P90X could have trained me for THAT. Well, I did the race with one week of preparation and I was hooked. I found that the P90X workouts had built up a strong base of overall strength and fitness. This was my official launch into the triathlon world. The first major race I ran was the San Diego International. It went well and, after a few more races in 2008, I decided to do the SDI race again the following year. I have to say it was pretty darn cool that the Beachbody Network News came and filmed me at the race.

This was all really a prelude to a race that I always dreamed of running—the Superfrog Half Ironman sponsored by theU.S. Navy SEALs, which benefits the families of these brave warriors who make massive sacrifices for our country.


I’ve done a few races since then, but now I’m focused on increasing my performance on the bike. I absolutely love to ride.

2010 was a magical year for Monica and I. We qualified for Beachbody’s Elite 10—an award given to the top 10 producers in the entire company! The prize was a week long cycling trip in the south of France. We decided to extend the trip out and left a week early. After a few days in Lyon, we went to see the Tour de France—a day I will never forget—then made our way down to Marseilles to meet up with the rest of the group and ride in beautiful places.

Life hasn’t calmed down ever since. In September 2011, we moved from Arizona to Coronado, California. San Diego is now our home and Coronado is simply amazing. Living here affords us the incredible opportunity to enjoy the view and be of service to our grandparents. Mine are both 98, and live within minutes of our new home. Monica’s grandmother lives less than 20 minutes away. THIS is the life I wanted. No more years spent sitting in an office watching time tick away on a clock. I’m actually living.

In 2014, Monica and I decided to end our marriage, but continue our partnership as Beachbody Coaches. This is perhaps the greatest testament to what Beachbody has meant in my life. Seven years ago, I never could have imagined being friends and partners with a former spouse. But, that’s how we roll now. Our business and our customer coaching hasn’t skipped a beat. 

My experiences have made me extremely passionate about helping others achieve the level of physical and financial success Monica and I have accomplished as Team Beachbody Coaches. I would really love for you to pick up your phone and call me about getting fit with the P90X workoutsBody Beast, or any of Beachbody’s awesome programs—or being a Team Beachbody coach.

Ask me questions, pick my brain, start creating your new life!

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