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Yoga X Poses: How to Do a Bakasana Headstand

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Yoga X Posts: How to Do a Bakasana Headstand |

How to Do a Bakasana Headstand

Yoga X Poses: How to Do a Bakasana Headstand | TheFitClubNetwork.comHere are some tips on how to do a Bakasana headstand, or “Crow pose,” a move you’re familiar with if you do the Yoga X DVD that’s part of the P90X program.

While in Garland pose, gently drop your head to the ground. You’ll want to be sure you keep your neck in a comfortable and strong position. From there, try to position your rear over your shoulders and then lift straight up with your core. Keep your core tight and try to squeeze your thighs together, which will help you balance.

Try it against a wall with a spotter when you’re just starting out. Slowly, but surely, you will find the balance and strength to straighten your legs above your head.

Here’s a video of what the move looks like in real time. I held this for a 10 count, but I try for 30 when I do it as a regular part of my practice:


Here’s a fabulous step-by-step guide if you’re determined to nail this pose and need some extra help—Wikihow’s “How to Do the Crow Pose.

Remember, yoga is like water in a river running over rocks. It takes time, but the water always wins.

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