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Dave Looks at Why Yoga Matters

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Coach Dave Looks at Why Yoga Matters |

Why Yoga Matters |

Why Yoga Matters

Monica and I get asked about yoga a lot. A lot of people wonder if it’s really necessary. It does. So let’s talk a little bit about why yoga matters.

As dedicated P90X fans, we here at the Fit Club Network listen and learn from Tony Horton. Tony refers to yoga as the “Fountain of Youth.” In fact, this is the title of Disc 6 of the One-on-One with Tony Horton series. In this DVD, Tony describes some of the benefits of a regular yoga practice. The purpose of this post is to provide you with more information about the benefits of yoga, some tips to assist your practice, and maybe even a few new moves to incorporate.

Our first exposure to yoga was with the Power 90 Series. There is a brief yoga session designed to warm up your body up before the Sweat 1-2 and Sweat 3-4 sessions. When Monica and I started P90X, we were amazed at how difficult Yoga X was. I have to admit that I didn’t like it at first. It was long, exhausting, and frustrating. But, over time, it became my favorite exercise. Yes, it’s long (approximately 90 mins), and it’s still exhausting. However, it’s no longer frustrating. Not because I’ve mastered each move, but simply because I’ve gained an understanding of what yoga is all about and what Tony is trying to accomplish with the Yoga X workout.

Yoga is about flexibility and, strength. The difference between a typical strength workout and yoga is that yoga builds mental strength in addition to physical strength. Yoga requires complete focus and complete dedication to the moment. Our society has evolved into a nation of “multi-taskers.” Many eat on the run, listen to music while we work, and watch TV while we exercise. Taking an hour and a half out of our busy lives to breath and hold difficult postures for several minutes is not something that comes naturally to most Americans.

I submit to you that the purpose of yoga is to build the mental strength to be still. The payoff is increased flexibility and strength to be sure, but yoga also brings a sense of clarity and calm that other “traditional” forms of exercise simply cannot provide.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on yoga and what it’s done for you. Leave a comment! And, if you want to find out about how to get coached by Monica or I for free, click here:

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