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Independent P90X PowerStands Reviews

This post was last updated on Sep 6, 2018 @ 5:22 pm
Independent P90X PowerStands Reviews |

Independent P90X PowerStands Reviews |

Independent P90X PowerStands Reviews

Do yourself a favor and get some good quality powerstands. If you’re not sure what they actually do, I’ll fill you in here with some helpful info, then share several independent P90X PowerStands reviews.

Powerstands were designed by Tony to help you do your best push-up consistently. They actually enhance your push-up workouts while protecting your wrists or forearms, ensuring muscle engagement and maximum comfort.

P90X Powerstands Features

  • Designed (and used) by Tony Horton
  • Ergonomically designed to eliminate wrist and hand strain
  • Good for beginner through professional athlete
  • Stable nonskid bases

Long story short: if you’re not using some form of push up bar or you’re using a cheap plastic version, you’re risking wrist injuries from all the push ups in P90X.

How to Use P90X PowerStands

Here’s a super helpful video by Tony where he demonstrates how to use the P90X PowerStands:

P90X PowerStand Reviews

Here are a few independent P90X PowerStands reviews:

“The power stands are sturdy and well made. They help me do more push ups as I feel less strain in my wrists and shoulders. An excellent buy for me that will help me with current and future workout programs.” | Diane

“After using this product for my p90x training I wouldn’t recommend anything else. It provides great stablility and makes you feel really connected to the ground. Absolutely would recommend 100%.” | BH

“The powerstands are simply amazing. As a big guy doing push ups has always been hard on my wrists. With the powerstands I feel zero discomfort in my wrists, and I totally love the extra range of motion they give. Only thing straining with these is your muscles as you push them farther.” | Chris

Of course, I absolutely love Tony’s P90X PowerStands. Priced at $39.90, they’re well worth the investment.


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