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Fitness Burnout: You’re Not Alone

This post was last updated on Jun 14, 2018 @ 2:54 pm
Fitness Burnout: It Happens to ALL of Us |

Fitness Burnout: It Happens to ALL of US |

Fitness Burnout — It Happens to ALL of US

I have a confession to make. I’ve been experiencing a bit of a post-summer fitness burnout lately.

It’s normal to have times of struggle, so that’s why I’m sharing. Yep, it even happens with coaches. I’m not sure why, but I haven’t been able to get up to ride my bike regularly. I’ve been doing okay on my long Saturday rides, but my workouts haven’t been nearly as intense as I’d like. I’ve also really bailed on yoga, which may be the source of all my problems.

This week I decided to recommit myself to my fitness. I know it is not just important, it is essential.

Exercise is a drug, of sorts. When your body gets accustomed to working out regularly, stopping can lead to a sort of depression. At the beginning of the month, I went on a week-long golf trip. It was great fun seeing old friends, but I didn’t work out. Last week was brutal. I just didn’t have the fire that I normally have and I was really sleepwalking through my workouts. As a result, I gained a few pounds. I’m still lighter than I’ve been in years, but I have the 70 mile Tour de Scottsdale bike race in early October and I want to get down to about 160 pounds for that race.

Tonight I took the first legitimate step toward getting back to where I know I have to be. I went to a yoga flow class. It’s like cardio yoga – with fast moves and a lot of push ups. You’re drenched in sweat at the end. It’s also probably the best way I’ve found to release any negative energy that is in my life. We make a concerted effort to really focus on an intention and the class is designed, in part, to help us visualize that intention coming to fruition. I was stumbling and bumbling a bit, particularly on the half moon/twisting half moon and balance postures, but I got through it. By the end of the class, I felt completely renewed. Seriously, it was amazing.

I knew all along that this was the answer. I just needed to get back on the horse in a serious way. I just needed to turn off the big brain for a while and focus on the things in my life that I could control. I just needed to do some Yoga X. Tomorrow, it’s time to get back on the bike.

I’ve got the time trial bike all ready to go out for a spin in the morning. I love riding the “Road Rocket,” even if I won’t use it in the race. The thing is just plain fast! After listening to Monica host the leadership call for Team Fit Revolution tomorrow night, I’m going to do P90X Chest + Back. Thursday it’s back to Insanity and Friday I’ll do Shoulders + Arms. Then, Saturday we’re going to ride the course for the Tour de Scottsdale.

I’m putting together a Cycling/P90X/Insanity schedule that will have me doing doubles at least twice a week. In short, I’M BACK. Namaste, ya’ll.

If you need some help overcoming your fitness burnout, please do reach out. I’ll help you get back on track.

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