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Obesity Epidemic in America

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The Obesity Epidemic in America — Obese Children |

Obesity Epidemic Defined | by Coach Dave Ward of

Obesity Epidemic in America

If people really knew what was up—if they really grasped the reality of the health threat, they would take the obesity epidemic in America far more seriously.

The word “epidemic” gets thrown around a lot. Here’s the actual definition:

–adjective  1.  Also, ep⋅i⋅dem⋅i⋅cal. [of a disease] affecting many persons at the same time, and spreading from person to person in a locality where the disease is not permanently prevalent.  2.  extremely prevalent; widespread.

–noun  3.  a temporary prevalence of a disease. 4.   a rapid spread or increase in the occurrence of something: an epidemic of riots.

Saying there is an obesity epidemic in America has lost its power. It’s become something we hear so often that it’s lost its power because we hardly notice it any more.

But, let’s look at the facts. Two-thirds of Americans are not just overweight, they are clinically obese. That means about 190 of 307 million Americans are obese! Doesn’t that shock you? Even more shocking is that many of the millions of obese people are children. That, my friends, is wholly unacceptable.

The fact that these numbers and terms are thrown around with such a cavalier attitude is deplorable. If two-thirds of the country had cancer or heart disease, we’d sure as hell do something about it. But, being overweight just gets written off as some sort of personal decision. To compound the issue, the money behind the modern food machine suppresses the message, confuses consumers, and further exacerbates the problem.

I found this CBS News video piece today and it just blew me away:

Kids are consuming an extra 500 calories a day being consumed on average. That translates into about one pound per week of weight gain. If you were wondering how to gain 50 pounds in a year, this is the formula. Keep that up for a while and it is easy to see how this happened.

What’s worse is that the modern American diet is conditioning our children to eat foods that are high in sugar and fat and low in nutrients. As a result, studies indicate that this could be the first generation since the Civil War to have a shorter life expectancy than the previous one! That’s just crazy!

The frustrating thing is…eating clean is not that hard.

It takes some time to understand and put it into consistent practice, but this is your body – and your kids’ bodies – that we’re talking about. What could possibly be more important than understanding how your food effects these bodies?

My kids are 9 and 6. Each of them understands the difference between protein, carbs (including sugar), and fat. They understand what is in the foods they eat and they understand that the food choices they make will effect their bodies. They don’t always make good decisions. (I’m 37 and I don’t always make good decisions.) The good news is that proper nutrition isn’t about “always” making the right decision…it’s about making the right decision the majority of the time.

If nutrition is confusing to you, I strongly encourage you to take the time to understand the basic concepts. Today. It might just save your life…and, the lives of your kids.

We are here to help. I think it’s pretty clear we’re passionate about it.

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