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Yoga is Silly and I Don’t Need It

This post was last updated on Aug 7, 2018 @ 3:08 pm
Yoga is Silly and I Don't Need It |

Yoga is Silly and I Don't Need It. NOT! |

Yoga Is Silly and I Don’t Need It. Not!

Yoga is silly and I don’t need it,says Tony Horton. Really???

We are now creeping up on two years since I really started to invest in consistent yoga practice. The returns on that investment have been substantial. To learn more about why I decided to do this, check out this hilarious interview with Tony Horton—Why Do Yoga? An Interview with Tony Horton.

Tony was recently interviewed for a yoga-based program called “Posers”…check it out:

Why do I harp on yoga? Simply because I want everyone to be fit and yoga is the cornerstone of any good fitness program. Yes, I know there are plenty of programs that get great results and don’t include yoga. In my opinion, every one of them should be modified to add yoga.If you are not doing Yoga X, then you’re not doing P90X.  Don’t underestimate the physical and mental benefits of this powerful exercise. Take the time to struggle with it, because that struggle leads to tremendous gains.

When you fully realize those gains, never again will you think or say, “Yoga is silly and I don’t need it.”

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