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Bring It by Tony Horton Review

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Bring It by Tony Horton Book Review |

Bring It by Tony Horton Review | by Dave Ward of

Bring It by Tony Horton Review

Tony Horton is one of my personal mentors. So, of course, I have to to share my Bring It by Tony Horton review.

In his new book, Bring It, Tony talks about the importance of finding a mentor as part of his Cycle of Success. Tony says, “There is a way to get what you want in a shorter period of time: find a successful mentor who has already achieved what you want.”

I’ve been lucky to get to know him a little bit and I’ve learned a ton from him. Before I started Power 90 in 2003, I had no idea about health and fitness. I had played high school basketball, but never really worked out or understood how important it was to take care of myself. I had a repaired ACL and a whole host of bad habits. Tony taught me how to exercise and how to eat.

When P90X came out in 2004, I learned how to train. I still incorporate what we call the “X Formula” in all my training, including triathlon training. I’ve attended a couple of Tony’s camps and listened to his lectures. He brings it all together in this new book. It has three workout plans geared toward different fitness levels (Beginners, Strivers and Warriors), a sound nutrition plan, and some plain old good advice. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy.

One of the reasons that Tony is someone I consider a mentor is because his advice goes beyond fitness and nutrition. He often talks about how to live life. If you’ve worked out with him or been around him at all, you know about his “rabbit face,” which is about the dumbest face you can possibly be caught making. The “rabbit face” is a way of determining how seriously you take yourself and you take life. If you won’t let yourself look a little silly, you’re taking life [and yourself] WAY too seriously. Find the funny people…it’s what life is all about.

The there are two sections of this book that can change your life if you learn and apply them: the Cycle of Success and the 11 Laws of Health and Fitness. The Cycle of Success is about getting your head in the right place. So many people are unable to get healthy because they won’t let themselves get healthy. Believe it or not, that’s the truth. Most people are their worst enemy when it comes to getting healthy and feeling good about themselves. If you learn the Cycle of Success and apply it, you’ll have a greater chance of success with your own health and fitness. The 11 Laws of Health and Fitness are universal. I apply these principals when I do P90X, Insanity, and triathlon or when designing my hybrid workout plans. I apply them because they work.

Coach Dave Ward, Tony Horton, and Coach Monica Koon |

At a recent book tour, Monica and I had the opportunity to work out with Tony. That’s right…he worked out at his book signing! We did a classic Tony Horton group workout called U.M.L. (an acronym for Upper Middle Lower). Basically, this is a full body meal deal. We did a set of push ups, followed by a set of ab work and a set of squats. We did six sets of those in 1:15 and I was thoroughly exhausted. We did some new stuff and some old favorites. What a blast.

Afterwards, Tony hung out and signed books for all 215 people that showed up. He also stayed around to take pictures with people and hear some incredible stories of how they had used his products to change their lives. It was an amazing day.

Tap into Tony Horton, people…there’s so more to the man than the self-professed “fitness clown” you see on the P90X DVD’s.

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