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Primal Blueprint Enchiladas

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Primal Blueprint Enchiladas |

Primal Blueprint Enchiladas |

Primal Blueprint Enchiladas

You might be thinking…what the heck? Tortillas are are not primal at all. So, we didn’t use any in these Primal Blueprint Enchiladas.

That’s right. We used egg whites and a little half & half to make some crepes…a brilliant substitute for tortillas straight out of The Primal Blueprint Cookbook. But, first a little bit on The Primal Blueprint.

There are eight key concepts that are at the core of The Primal Blueprint:

  1. You CAN reprogram your genes. Your eating, exercising, sleeping, and social habits, in combination with how you manage your stress levels, determine how your genes behave and, hence, how your body behaves. Just because you’re genetically pre-disposed to something, doesn’t mean you’re doomed to that destiny!
  2. Follow the 10 Primal Blue Laws for optimal health. Our bodies are evolutionally wired to process food in certain ways. If you follow the primal rules, your body will be healthier.
  3. Our bodies prefer burning fat over carbs. You can break the carb addiction and boost your energy big time by becoming fat adapted.
  4. 80% of your body composition is determined by how you eat. Food, not exercise, is central to your body composition.
  5. Grains are totally unnecessary. You can reap the benefits and skip the bad side effects by eating foods that are much better for you.
  6. Saturated fat and cholesterol are not your enemies. Carbs are. Stress is. An animal fat rich diet is actually healthy. Go figure.
  7. Don’t use exercise for weight management. You most definitely can’t out-exercise a bad diet and unhealthy lifestyle.
  8. Short bursts of high intensity exercise provide maximum fitness benefits. Short, speedy and strong exercise is key.

Here’s the video of my epic Primal Blueprint Enchiladas cooking adventure:


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