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P90X and Road Cycling Training Program: Week 1

This post was last updated on Jun 19, 2018 @ 12:23 pm
P90X and Road Cycling Training Program: Week 1 |

P90X and Road Cycling Training Program: Week 1 |

P90X and Road Cycling Training Program: Week 1

Week 1 of my P90X and Road Cycling Training Program is in the books! Here’s a quick breakdown of the schedule I completed:

  • Monday: Chest & Back/ARX. This was hard (VERY hard)!
  • Tuesday: 22 mile bike ride; 16 miles really hard interval conditions. No HR data as my monitor was in a box being moved.
  • Wednesday: Shoulders & Arms/ARS. Fun as always!
  • Thursday: Yoga. Went to a Flow class. (Note to Self—Do not skip yoga for extended periods of time.)
  • Friday: Legs & Back/No ARX. Hard workout; paced myself with back and killed legs.
  • Saturday: OFF.  Went to the beach and did some swimming/body surfing in the waves.
  • Sunday: Hill bike ride; only 16 miles, but it included two runs up hill. Felt strong; 1:14, Avg HR 157, Max HR 187, 1,036 calories.

Here are my goals for Phase I of this plan:

  • Build base strength: My cycling fitness is pretty good now. I want it get better, for sure, but I really need total body strengthening now.
  • Gain flexibility: Flexibility is an important part of total body fitness. I’m stretching once a day and doing Yoga once a week.
  • Stability: Like most people, I have a few old injuries. I tore ligaments in my left ankle playing hoop in high school and tore my left again ACL in 1994 playing basketball. My right leg has compensated for a lot of those injuries. My ACL was the big one. It’s much better than it was before my first round of P0wer90 in 2003 and continues to get stronger. This is the time of year where I feel it is important to focus on stabilizer muscles and address these imbalances.

Here’s the video report:

The schedule for Week 2 is pretty similar. Same basic format, although the rides might change just a little bit. If you need any help with your cycling training, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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