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P90X vs P90X2

This post was last updated on Jun 16, 2018 @ 4:49 pm
P90X vs P90X2 |

P90X vs P90X2 |

P90X vs P90X2

For those who regularly follow our YouTube channel, this blog, or any of my other social media ventures, you know that I love me some P90X. In fact, the predecessor of this workout—Power 90 Master Serieswas what got Monica and I into Beachbody several years ago because we were just amazed at our results. So, I’m sentimentally invested in this series. First, Power 90evolved into P90X and now P90X has evolved into P90X2. I want to talk a little bit about P90X vs P90X2.

Thanks to my friends at Beachbody, I have a new version of this awesome workout! Of course, many of the people I coach want to know exactly how the new P90x2 is different from the original P90X. I’m going to let my skiing buddy (I love that I can say that!), Tony Horton, give you the details…but, the core difference is P90X is focused on getting you in the best shape of your life and P90X2 is geared toward athletic performance.

When it came out, P90X was groundbreaking because it featured circuit style training—with yoga, plyometrics, resistance training, and cardio. This style of training creates “muscle confusion.” P90X2 adds another level called PAP (Post Activation Potentiation). This breakthrough sports science technique pushes you right to the limit and then allows for more rest time.

Unlike P90X, which had three 30-day phases, P90X2 is more flexible with phases lasting from three to six weeks. It also allows for more individual goal setting. These workouts are so tough that they are designed in a five-day workout/two-day rest cycle. Believe me, you’ll need the rest! In a nutshell, it’s an ass kicker!

Of course, because this is Beachbody (who never does boring), the new workout also features all new moves, two bonus workouts, and brand new recipes in the P90X2 Nutrition Guide (including more vegan and grain free options).

Tony is hilarious in this new version and, as always, he’s ripped and challenges you to push yourself to the edge. Watch the short video and you’ll learn more about how P90X2 will ratchet up your physical strength and athleticism:

So, what do you think between P90X vs P90X2? Are you ready to start P90X2? If you have any questions or want more details, please contact us. And, don’t forget that when you buy the program through us, you get coached by us for FREE. Click below to buy the P90X2 Base Kit:

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