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P90X2 Ultimate Kit Contents

This post was last updated on Aug 9, 2018 @ 3:42 pm
P90X2 Ultimate Kit |

P90X2 Ultimate Kit Contents |

P90X2 Ultimate Kit

The Contents & My Game Plan

It has been seven years since I got my copy of P90X. Since then, Monica and I have completely worn it out! Luckily, P90X2 has been released and I got my new P90X2 Ultimate Kit a few days ago. I am super excited to get started!

In the video below, I’ll give you a rundown of the P90X2 Ultimate Kit contents. (If you already have some of the equipment, you won’t need to order the Ultimate Kit.)

P90X2 Ultimate Kit Contents

Here’s what you get:

  1. Fitness Guide: The P90X2 Fitness Guidewill guide you through all the moves and teach you the basic philosophy behind P90X2. In short, when comparing P90X vs P90X2, P90X is valuable, effective, and more basic, while P90X2 is more focused on athletic performance and is great to use as base training for any sport.
  2. Calendar & Schedule: One of the great things about P90X2 is that the phases are not rigid as in P90X. P90X2 is performance-based – once you master one skill, you can move on to the next one. It also comes with a number of performance-based assessments, which are helpful in tracking progress.
  3. Nutrition Guide: If you’ve done P90X, you will probably recognize the 3-phase program (Fat Shredder, Energy Booster, and Endurance Maximizer). But this time, vegan and grain-free options are also included (the latter being basically Paleo and my personal choice).
  4. Workout DVDs: This part is similar to P90X. If you order it from a Beachbody Coach, you get two extra workouts.
  5. Foam Roller: Unlike the one that I already have, which is flat, this one has big nobs. (I’m anticipating some pain here, but I’m looking forward to find out what it’s all about.)
  6. Powerstands: Tony Horton’s Powerstands keep your wrists in a more natural position and are one of my favorite pieces of equipment. These are a little different than the original ones – a bit shorter with a wider base. If you already have a pair of Powerstands and they are stable, then you should be good to go.
  7. Medicine Ball and Stability Ball: P90X2 uses stability and medicine balls to throw your body off a balance in order to get your core in better shape.

P90X2 Rumble Roller Review

P90X2 Rumble Roller | TheFitClubNetwork.comHere’s a quick video with my P90x2 Rumble Roller review. Great name right? When I first saw it, I thought it was a medieval torture device. But let me tell you, this little foam bump covered accessory gets to places you didn’t even know you were sore.

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned in past blogs that one of the side effects of a good workout program is that you’re pushing for muscle exhaustion and confusion. That causes lactic acid to build up in your muscles and anyone who works out regularly, or even just goes for a killer hike on the weekend, knows that that means – sore muscles. The kind that make it hard to stand up, brush your hair, or even roll over in bed.

This kind of soreness happens to everyone, even seasoned athletes. I’m a big believer in stretching, resting, and giving your body a chance to heal and recover. There are sections of P90x2 that are designed to do just that.

When you do the P90x2 workouts with the Rumble Roller, prepare for some intensity. Those little nubbies, combined with your own body weight and gravity, will release right down into the muscle tissue. It’s a little like meat tenderizing for you muscles. That said, the therapy hovers right at the edge of being uncomfortable, but when you get the muscles to release, its Heaven. Think of it as your at-home do-it-yourself massage therapist.

Check it out:

So, that’s the P90X2 Ultimate Kit. My plan of action is to start with the Fit Test, then do the workouts and get an idea of what we are trying to accomplish in Phase I. Let’s connect and get you started!

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