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Terry Wahls TEDx Talk – “Minding Your Mitochondria”

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Terry Wahls TEDx Talk: Minding Your Mitochondria |

Terry Wahls TedX Talk: Minding Your Mitochondria |

Terry Wahls TEDx Talk — “Minding Your Mitochondria”

A friend of mine recently showed me a video of Dr. Terry Wahls TEDx Talk, which discusses the importance of proper nutrition. In “Minding Your Mitochondria,” Dr. Wahls explains how she was able to reverse her multiple sclerosis by making changes in her diet.

Since her initial diagnose in 2000, Dr. Wahls had been treated in the best MS clinic—Cleveland Clinic. But, despite receiving excellent care [including chemotherapy] from the best doctors, her condition didn’t improve. Dr. Wahls decided to do something about her disease and started reading the latest medical research.

With the help of the Institute for Functional Medicine, she was able to learn more about how to protect brain cell biology. Using the right combination of vitamins, which came from the vegetables, she was able to significantly improve her health.

In this video, Dr. Wahls makes a strong argument for a diet filled with vegetables. She presents alarming data on how a large percent of Americans are not getting their recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, she talks about the dangers of processed food, and how our ancestors had far better diets than we do. In particular, she mentions a Paleo diet, the diet of hunter gatherer societies, whose daily intake of important nutrients was far higher compared to modern man in an affluent society.

Dr. Wahls claimes that eating three cups of brightly colored vegetables can significantly improve your health. In addition, we should only eat organic grass-fed meat. She also talks about eating wild fish, such as herring and salmon. A diet filled with organic meat and vegetables can get expensive, which Dr. Wahls acknowledges. However, she also makes a good point that not caring about one’s health has a much more detrimental effect on society and, ultimately, our bank account.

Watch for yourself:

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