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Close Friends on Facebook

This post was last updated on Jun 12, 2018 @ 7:42 pm
Close Friends on Facebook |

Close Friends on Facebook |
Close Friends on Facebook

Did you know that you can be close friends on Facebook? It’s true. There’s a setting for that.

When you designate people as close friends on Facebook, you get a notification each and every time they post something. I have a few. Carl Daikeler is one. Some are people I care deeply about. Others are people I’m interested in. All of them fascinate me.

So, how do you go about getting yourself listed as a close friend? It’s really rather easy – create art. I’m not an artist in the typical sense. I’ve painted one thing in my life and I ended up giving it to our housekeeper. I imagine she promptly tossed it in the bin where it belonged. But, I am an artist. I create things and disperse ideas that impact my life in a positive way.

“Art” isn’t just decoration. It’s something that causes change. As Seth Godin puts it in his book Linchpin, “Art is unique, new and challenging to the status quo…most of all, art involves labor. Not the labor of lifting a brush, or typing a sentence, but the emotional labor of doing something difficult, taking a risk and extending yourself.”

Ryan Chapman is also an artist. He created a different way to look at triathlon coaching with his blog where he posts thoughtful, effective, and free training plans. Now, he’s writing an e-book about running.

Angela Michalovich’s open, honest, and vulnerable blog about trying to figure out how to make life work as a young married couple is art.

Lori Volkman created a masterpiece when she wrote an Open Letter to Kari Bales. If you don’t think a blog can be art, read that one. CNN and CNBC thought it created a profound enough impact to feature it on their news.

Todd Midgett changed the way Charlotte, North Carolina thought about health and fitness, and then went on to create a hilarious, informative and inspirational blog and YouTube channel.

My mentor and friend, Craig Holiday, created art when he put together a free course on overcoming obstacles. There are more, and as they share their art, I will pass them along.

In addition to creating art, these people and others like them, lead people. They are not waiting for someone to tell them what to do. Sure, they ask for counsel as any wise person would. But, they don’t sit idly and let life pass them by. They think about how to solve interesting problems, create art, and each of them, in their own way, leads.

So, if you want to know how to become close friends on Facebook, just create art. If you need some ideas on exactly how to do this, shoot me a message.

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