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Learning to Focus Better

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Learning to Focus Better |

Learning to Focus Better |

Learning to Focus Better

Learning to focus better might be the single most important activity you can master.

fo·cus: 1. a central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity.

I’ve been participating in Craig Holiday’s leadership program and last night we had a webinar. He talked about helping people learn how to focus. In order to do so, he used an example.

He told us a story about conference call with Chalene Johnson, owner of Powder Blue Productions and creator of TurboJam, ChaLEAN Extreme, and TurboFire. Chalene opened up the call for questions and no one chimed in, so Craig decided to break the silence and asked her what she would do if her company folded and she lost everything. Where would she start and what would be most important? She paused and said, “I would figure out the two or three most important things I needed to do every day and I would FOCUS on getting those things done first and foremost.”

That’s a winning strategy.

I don’t care who you are or what you do, there are two or three things that are essential to winning whatever game you are playing. That may be as simple as eating right, getting adequate sleep, or working out if your goal is to get healthy and fit. Or, it may be much more complex. Sir Richard Branson probably has three things he does every day that are a bit more complicated than the three things that are essential to me. You can bet he’s laser focused on getting those DONE and you can bet he get’s them done first.

People tend to over complicate things. They think there are really complex answers to simple questions. That’s not often the case. Here’s the answer to learning to focus better—find the two or three things you need to do to win and get those done first. There will be plenty of time for the other stuff when you are done.

If you ever need some one-on-one coaching time – for fitness, business, or life – shoot me a message. That’s what I do.

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