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Connecting with People

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Connecting with People |

Connecting with People |

Connecting with People

People Follow You by Jeb Blount | TheFitClubNetwork.comA quick quote about connecting with people from People Follow You: The Real Secret to What Matters Most in Leadership by Jeb Blount.

Like all interpersonal relationships, connections bind people together on an emotional level. Great leaders drop the pretense of power and position and focus instead on building sincere emotional connections with their people. Connecting tears down walls that tend to get in the way of real communication and understanding. When people feel connected with you, they feel more comfortable telling you their real problems, roadblocks, and issues. With this information in hand, you have the opportunity to solve problems that really matter. This provides real value for your people and engenders true loyalty. Most important, when your people feel connected to you, they will be willing to accept your training, coaching, feedback, direction and vision, which is critical to getting them in position to win. Strong connections are hard to break and are the foundation of truly prosperous long-term relationships built on mutual trust.

Connecting with people is essential. It is important to understand that it is a skill that can be acquired. Sure, some people (like my partner, Monica) are naturally excellent at connecting with people. It’s what they desire, because connecting deeply with people satisfies their emotional needs. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to connect. Start by picking up a copy of this book and begin learning how.

You can also reach out and connect with Monica or I by clicking below.

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