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Do Something Unexpected

This post was last updated on Aug 10, 2018 @ 1:01 am
Do Something Unexpected |

Do Something Unexpected |

Do Something Unexpected

Have you ever gotten a hand written note from someone letting you know that they value you? I’m not talking about the obligatory “Thank you for the candlesticks” kind of handwritten not. I’m talking about a random act of kindness. If you have, then you know how good it feels to receive a gift like that. Imagine how the world would be if we would all do something unexpected every day.

The fact that an act is unexpected is one of the reasons it feels so good. We all expect to be thanked for a gift, but very few of us expect to be thanked for being a good friend or a hard worker, for being unique, or for creating our particular form of art. Doing the unexpected is about going the extra mile.

Yesterday, I covered a call for my wife, Monica, with a group of incredible people that she mentors. They talked about random acts of kindness that they had done that were completely unexpected by the recipient. I didn’t get to talk to the recipients, but I did hear how these simple, small and significant acts profoundly impacted the givers. They learned what being other-focused can do for your life.

So, go do something unexpected today! Send a text. Drop by someone’s Facebook wall. Slip a note under someone’s door. Send a written note to someone you love to let them know they are special. Cut or buy a flower. Or, stop and pick up a special edible treat and drop it off on your way home.

Whatever you do, just go do something unexpected and make a difference in someone’s life today. At least two people on this planet will shine a little brighter if you do.

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