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Beachbody Ultimate Reset Phase 2

This post was last updated on Aug 16, 2018 @ 1:04 am
Beachbody Ultimate Reset Phase 2 |

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Phase 2 |

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Phase 2

Coming to you on Day 14 of our Ultimate Reset Cleanse with our impressions and a recap of Ultimate Reset Phase 2.

As you know, there are three phases of this program:

  • Reclaiming
  • Release
  • Restore

This program has really been phenomenal so far and, on the last day of Release, I can safely say that this phase has been the most interesting and unexpected. The cleansing process hasn’t been as severe as I expected and it’s all about water.

I felt really thirsty and bloated at times. My weight fluctuated quite a lot – I was going from 166 to 158.6 pounds, and the only reason I could think of for this loss of weight is water. Although I always thought that I was pretty good at drinking a lot of water, the last two weeks have taught me otherwise. I will definitely implement more water into my regular daily routine.

When the next morning my initial weight was back, I was a little bit baffled. But, I just continued trusting the process and stayed focused. It’s a healthier attitude anyway.

Apart from this constant weight change and thirst, I feel excellent! The level of energy that I’m feeling is really amazing. I feel euphoric about things and definitely more focused. And, best of all, besides my morning routine, I haven’t done anything to achieve that level of energy. I didn’t even have coffee!

The only thing that changed for these last couple of weeks is the combination of these few healthy habits – drinking a lot of water, eating really healthy, and taking supplements. I feel great and look forward to the third phase of this program.

As for Monica, she reclaimed her position in the kitchen as she really enjoys it. Preparing specific meal plans involves a lot of work, but has a lot of benefits as well. We get to try food that we’ve never had before and there is a lot to choose from. Monica also pointed out the benefits of single ingredient foods.

She’s learning to appreciate the time for food preparation and importance of family eating together. The quality of conversation at the table has also improved.

Unlike me, Monica decided not to be distracted by unimportant things, such as weight fluctuations. The whole point of this Ultimate Reset Cleanse is not the number on the scale, but what’s happening on the inside. So, why subject yourself to this psychological stress?

Another great benefit of this cleanse is that it returns your body to harmony. Your body clearly signals when it’s hungry or when it needs a rest. So, we have been finishing the day at reasonable hours for a change.

This has been our experience so far with Ultimate Reset Phase 2. We’ll be back in a couple of days with some updates about the Phase 3.

Coaching will help you substantially on this 21 day journey. I highly suggest taking advantage of it – especially since it’s included in the price of the cleanse. Click below to learn more about our FREE coaching program:

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