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90/10 Nutrition Challenge Groups

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90/10 Nutrition Challenge Groups |

90/10 Nutrition Challenge Groups

We often talk about the 80/20 Rule when it comes to nutrition. In short, it means that 80% of what you eat is good quality, whole, nutritious foods designed to fuel your body and the other 20% is…well, not so much. This protocol yields good results because it is manageable and forces you to make good decisions the majority of the time. The 90/10 Nutrition Challenge is exactly the same concept, but…you guessed it. The good part is upped to 90%. Just imagine what this can do for you!

90/10 Nutrition is the next level of nutrition. Believe it or not, it isn’t that hard to do…especially when you have a plan and support. My good friend fellow Beachbody Coach, triathlon coach, and recent Ironman finisher, Ryan Chapman from B.A.S.E. Training has just such a support group that you can tap into.

Ryan’s 90/10 nutrition plans don’t restrict you from major food groups—like grains or animal products – and they produce lasting results, because they teach you how to eat. The whole food eating philosophy, combined with a five-tiered food ladder to help you understand what foods to eat, the growing library of weekly meal plans and recipes, and the online group support make for a pretty good way to lose weight and learn to eat right.

Head over to the website and check out the way it works. Tell Ryan I said “Hey.”


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