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Ultimate Reset Clinical Study

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Ultimate Reset |

Ultimate Reset Clinical Study |

Ultimate Reset Clinical Study

In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the cleanse, Beachbody conducted a detailed peer reviewed Ultimate Reset clinical study. The results were recently published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine.

What is the Ultimate Reset?

First and foremost, Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset is a 21 day clean eating challenge. You’ll take supplements during the process that assist in the flushing of toxins from your body, but clean eating is the cornerstone of the experience. No starvation. No harsh laxatives. No running back and forth to the bathroom. The Ultimate Reset doesn’t punish or deprive your body—it feeds your body with all the nutrients you’ve been craving.

Ultimate Reset Clinical Study Summary

Here’s a six-minute video with an overview of the results of the clinical study and another 30 minutes of Q&A with the creator of Shakeology and the Ultimate Reset, Darin Olien. (The slides below are from the six-minute presentation, in case you miss them during that video.)

The Ultimate Reset clinical study showed significant results in the area of weight loss, overall inches lost, cholesterol reduction, triglyceride reduction and testosterone increases in men.

Ultimate Reset Clinical Study |

The results were amazing for a 21 day program – an average of 8.75 inches lost with over an inch lost in waist and hips.

Ultimate Reset Clinical Study |

As you can see from the slide below, the reductions in cholesterol and triglycerides are significant during the 21 day Ultimate Reset cleanse.

Ultimate Reset Clinical Study |

Testosterone is a key marker for health in both men and women. Men want increased levels of natural testosterone and women want to maintain steady [and lower] testosterone levels. As you can see from the slide below, men increased their testosterone and women maintained their levels during the 21 days of the Ultimate Reset.

Ultimate Reset Clinical Study |

Worried about feeling sick, tired, or having excessive headaches during the Ultimate Reset? Don’t. The slide below shows the number of reported days of headaches and/or fatigue and the number of days reported as having “no symptoms.” As you can see, the “No Symptom” days are the big winners.

As someone that has done this program, I can tell you that my experience was the same. Early on, I had caffeine withdraws and headaches. By Day 6, I felt amazing. During the second and third weeks, I was jumping out of bed every morning feeling amazing.

Ultimate Reset Clinical Study |

Free Coaching for the Ultimate Reset Cleanse

As you can see from the results of the Ultimate Reset clinical study, this is a very powerful and effective cleanse. Monica and I learned a lot from our experience – check out our Ultimate Reset Results and learn more about how it went for us.

We offer FREE coaching for the Ultimate Reset cleanse—and all Beachbody Workouts. It’s included in the price of the all Beachbody products and something to take advantage of in order to get the most out of your program. Click below to get started:

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