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Ultimate Reset Review

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Ultimate Reset Review |

Ultimate Reset Review | TheFitClubNetwork.comUltimate Reset Review

Another round of the Ultimate Reset Cleanse has come and gone.After the first round of The Ultimate Reset, Monica and I felt strongly that it very well and could be the most effective program Beachbody has for overall health. This opinion has been solidified by this second round. I can’t thank Isabelle Daikeler and Darin Olien for developing this amazing program. Here is an in depth Ultimate Reset reviewto fill you in.

What is The Ultimate Reset?

The Ultimate Reset Cleanse is a 21 day gentle cleanse designed to get your body hydrated, back to an optimal pH level, and help you establish some simple healthy habits that will serve you for a long time after the cleanse is complete.

It’s pretty simple. No caffeine, no alcohol, and no sugar for 21 days. The first week you’ll eat healthy foods that include animal-based protein [like chicken and salmon]. In Week 2, you’ll be mostly eating vegetarian with some dairy and grains. Week 3 is entirely vegan with primarily fruits and vegetables.

It’s 21 days of clean eating, drinking lots of water, and taking some gentle supplements. (Don’t worry, you will NOT spend 21 days in the bathroom. It’s not that sort of cleanse.)

Why Do the Ultimate Reset?

I had lost my focus and drive. The same focus and drive that helped me walk away from a 10 year old law practice to build a team of literally thousands of people with my wife as my Team Beachbody business partner. The unwavering faith and determination that made me take control of my life back from my job and give it over to my family was wavering.

That sort of responsibility is a heavy burden at times. I’m human and the pressures of being who you have to be in order to accomplish those things had really gotten to me. As Jim Rohn once said, “Listen to me carefully, but don’t watch me too close.”

I was eating too much, talking too much, drinking too much, and thinking far too little. I knew that was unsustainable and eventually the business and life I loved so much would be at risk. That fact was yet another burden to carry. In short, I knew for things to change, I had to change.

I needed to prove a few things to myself. It’s easy to say, “I don’t need coffee.”

It’s easy to say, “I can take or leave sugar.”

It’s easy to say, “I can quit drinking alcohol whenever I want.”

But, have you ever actually challenged these statements to make sure you really can? I definitely needed to prove those things were true in my life. Along the way, I would discover that not only were those three statements true, but countless others…some that I had entirely forgotten.

The Ultimate Reset Cleanse provided a path to regain a lot of my lost focus and determination. I explain more of that in this video:


My Ultimate Reset Results

I decided to do this round of theUltimate Reset 100%. No sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol. Period. I planned on following the plan and committed to those actions and to my success partner (Monica). Success is the natural result of those two actions.

During the Reset, I was determined and I was focused. Every day was a new chance to prove myself. These things weren’t the sort of things that everyone gets to see. No one was watching us, except us. It would have been simple to cheat. But, it wouldn’t have been easy to cheat. That would have meant failure. That would mean all of my previous “I don’t need…” statements were false. And, if they were false, then I would need much more than the Reset to set me straight.

I loved the daily chance to prove myself and surmount the challenges along the way. Life went on. We attended parties and events where food and alcohol were served and consumed by others. Meanwhile, we happily drank our distilled water and ate whatever food we brought with us. It was surprisingly easily. That knowledge is truly empowering.

I found new joy in things. I love surfing on my stand up paddle board. Right before we started, I saw the video with Darin Olien doing exactly that on the Reset and decided that would be a part of my journey. The interesting thing was that all of this work, focus and determination lead me to be quite reflective. I’d usually spend 10 minutes or so just sitting on my board, with my feet dangling in the water, taking the time to appreciate that fact that I was able to “be” in that moment. I realized that I didn’t need anything more to satisfy or entertain me. No change in my “state,” whether by caffeine, sugar or alcohol, was going to make it better. I just was. And, that was beautifully peaceful and complete for me.

During the Reset, I also decided to also commit to a personal development program. I got a 30-day program from one of the big thinkers of my generation. Every morning I’d start off my day with that program. Every week I’d talk to my business success partner about it [he also did it] and we’d understand it and ourselves so much better. There is real power in that. As a result, my life improved.

During this time, my kids participated in a “Meset” (a modified Reset) and committed to giving up certain foods that we had let creep into their diets. Our 12 year old lost seven pounds. For an impressionable 7th grader, that’s huge…for a parent, that’s pride.

Get FREE Ultimate Reset Coaching

I hope this Ultimate Reset review was helpful for you. I tell you…this program gave me a new and much healthier lease on life! My focus and determination are BACK. Once again, I know that I can accomplish whatever I want to accomplish in my life. That doesn’t mean I’m going to be good at everything. It simply means that whatever I decide and commit to, I will succeed at.

I would absolutely LOVE for you to experience all the positive changes that came about from this cleanse. If you’re considering it and want to talk to me about it, just click this button…

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