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Not ready for P90X? Here Are Some P90X Alternatives

This post was last updated on Aug 16, 2018 @ 12:25 am
Not ready for P90X? Here Are Some P90X Alternatives |

Not ready for P90X? Here Are Some P90X Alternatives by Coach Nicola Wright |

P90X Alternatives from Coach Nicola Wright

Are you ready to make some nutrition and fitness changes, but you feel like you’re just not ready for the P90X workouts? If so, Coach Nicola Wright has some VERY doable P90X alternatives to consider instead.

You are in great hands with Coach Nicola. She is one of our top coaches and owner of Get Fit With Nicola. In her post below, she shares some alternative programs and simple tips that might be a better fit for you than P90X, P90X2 or P90X3:

“Not Ready for P90X? Where You Should Start…”

Most Beachbody coaches have their favorite programs and are partial to one or two for their customers who are just getting started with fitness. Let’s talk about ours…

Monica’s two favorite programs are Autumn Calabrese’s 21 Day Fix and Chalene Johnson’s PiYo. She follows the 21 Day Fix meal plan all the time, because of the simplicity and structure this portion control plan offers. Click below to learn more about the 21 Day Fix:


She’ll change up her fitness as needed for variety. She especially loves PiYo because of the huge boost in flexibility it gives her. Both of these programs are excellent choices for beginners. Here is some info on PiYo:


My hands down favorite program for beginners is Tony Horton’s P90. It’s the updated version of the very first program that Monica and I did when we discovered Beachbody. Here’s a post I wrote with more info on the program and a way to test drive it for FREE:


We are standing by ready to offer you FREE COACHING no matter what program you choose!

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