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Why You Should NOT Choose the Cheap Shakeology Alternative

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Don't Choose the Shakeology Alternative |

Why You Should Not Choose the Shakeology Alternative |

Why You Should NOT Choose the Cheap Shakeology Alternative

By the end of this post, I hope you understand why you should invest in your health by investing in Shakeology and why it’s NOT a good idea to choose the cheap Shakeology alternative.

Sometimes the cheaper off-brand is as good as the real deal. For instance, the CVS brand ibuprofen tablet will pretty surely take care of your sore muscles just as good as the Advil one. But, this is not always the case…and, it’s definitely not the case with Shakeology. If you choose the cheap Shakeology alternative, you will be missing out on way too many serious healthy benefits.

What is a Protein Shake?

If you go to a gym or work out with any regularity, you’ve probably heard talk about “protein shakes.” But, what really are they?

They are a popular nutritional supplement that many people drink after a workout. You can buy them in every nutrition store, online, and even in the mainstream grocery stores these days. You’ll even see a bunch of ready-to-drink ones all over the place.

Protein is a “macro nutrient,” which is a type of food required in large quantities in our diet. The three most common proteins are whey, soy, and casein. Whey is the common because it’s a complete protein—meaning that it contains all the necessary amino acids—and dissolves well in water. Whey isolate is considered to be the best form of protein. Soy is the least popular because it doesn’t taste as good or dissolve well.

Why Do People Drink Protein Shakes?

The following are the most common reasons people drink protein shakes while they’re working out are:

  • You’re new to working out. If you’re new to working out and you’re goal is to build muscle, you need more protein than you usually do.
  • You’re working out harder. If you’ve upped your workouts—or they’re more intense than you’re used to—your body needs extra protein.
  • You’re recovering from an injury. The extra protein in protein shakes helps you heal faster.
  • You’ve eliminated meat from your diet. Vegans or vegetarians need to get adequate protein to replace the meats, fish, dairy and eggs they are not eating.

Why You Should Not Choose the Shakeology Alternative | TheFitClubNetwork.comWhy is Shakeology Better?

Many people think that Shakeology is a protein shake. They are right…sort of. While it does contain all the protein needed from one meal, this is a totally incomplete description of what it is. It’s kind of like saying that Clif or Luna Bars are granola bars.

Better Protein

The non-vegan flavors of Shakeology contain whey protein isolate to be specific. This is one reason Shakeology is better. Whey protein is dairy-based and comes from cheese production. Whey isolate protein contains much less lactose—hence less fat—due to the processing it undergoes and is 90-94% pure protein. (You can read more by clicking on the link in this paragraph.) The protein in the vegan flavors is equally high in quality.

No Artificial Ingredients

The majority of the protein shakes use lower quality types of protein PLUS a bunch of artificial stuff—colors, flavors, and sweeteners—to cover up the bad taste of the protein. This is another reason Shakeology is better—there is nothing artificial in ANY of the Shakeology flavors. Nothing. For those of us who are consistent in our quest for good healthy, this is huge.

Contains Micronutrients

All by itself, protein isn’t all that important. It’s in lots of foods. What protein needs is micronutrients that enable it to be truly beneficial to our health. Most cheap Shakeology alternative protein shakes contain primarily protein (and the other crap I mentioned). Shakeology is a seriously nutrient dense food with beneficial micronutrients from around the world that your body uses as building blocks to support your immune system, boost your general health, and help you recover from your workouts. In short, a protein shake is one dimensional and Shakeology is multi-dimensional.

Significantly Invest in R&D and Quality Control

Beachbody invests a massive amount of resources—including time, money, and people—in Shakeology. They hire the best scientists in the field, including the formulator and ingredient hunter Darin Olien, form and nurture strategic partnerships with every ingredient supplier, conduct tests at every single level of production, and audit the manufacturing facilities on a regular basis. In fact, more people and facilities have failed their audits than have passed. They standards are unmatched, which is super important in this Wild West industry.

Many of the Shakeology alternative manufacturers don’t strive to be the very best or and invest and reinvest in the product. There’s a lot that can go wrong in a process that involves other countries where testing and regulation is not so consistent. The Shakeology team makes sure everything is clean and safe to avoid danger. They regularly monitor ingredients and do not hesitate to change the formula if the highest quality of a particular ingredient is not consistently available or does not somehow meet requirements.

Get a FREE Sample of Shakeology

Most of the time, the cliché is true—you get what you pay for. Your diet is not an area to cut corners, which is exactly why we push eating organic and including Shakeology rather than the cheaper and less healthy Shakeology alternative supplements in your daily nutrition.

We feel so strongly about this. Here is a post that Monica put together on how to save money to give your body the best—I Can’t Afford Shakeology!

Monica and I walk the talk—and have reaped the benefits for years. We believe in Shakeology wholeheartedly. In addition to the science behind it, we also share samples. If you’re interested, just click below:

Request a FREE Shakeology Sample


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