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Is Shakeology Worth It???

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Is Shakeology Worth It? |

Is Shakeology Worth It? |

Is Shakeology Worth It???

Is Shakeology worth it? It pains me when I hear someone say that Shakeology is too expensive for them and they opt for a cheaper protein powder or simply go without any nutritional supplements.

Here is the bottom line, folks—if you are truly serious about your health (and why wouldn’t you be???), you have to start being educated about everything you put in your body. That’s my goal today—to get you educated so you can start doing right by your body.

A Little Perspective

Is Shakeology Worth It? | TheFitClubNetwork.comWe get it—$130 is no chump change. When you look at just the total, it does sound like a lot. But, not so much when you break it down and make some very real comparisons.

For $130, you get 30 servings of Shakeology. That’s $4 per serving. Oh, wait…I misspoke. You don’t just get 30 servings, you get 30 meals. That’s right. Shakeology is NOT just a protein shake—it’s a bona fide meal replacement. I don’t know about you, but $4 for a meal is a deal in my book.

What else does $4 buy you out there in the regular world? It might get you a foofy coffee at one of those specialty coffee places. If you want something that will actually curb your hunger and provide any nutritional benefit at all, you’ll spend more like $6-$8 to add on a carb and sugar-filled snack. It’ll get you a sandwich at your local fast food joint—with loads of fat included in the price. What it buys you elsewhere is a nutrient deficit—not a healthy choice with nutrients that help your body move forward.

Now, what if I told you that when you drink Shakeology daily, you do not need to take all those vitamins, antioxidants, and pre/probiotics any more? I just checked—a highly rated probiotic priced out at $1 per serving. That does NOT include all the protein, enzymes, and other nutrients that your body needs on a deep level.

So, now I will ask you…how are you spending your money? Does $4 for a meal with complete nutrition still sound expensive to you or did this give you a little perspective?

You Get What You Pay For

Shakeology contains herbs and superfoods from around the world—and, I mean ALL around the world. Shakeology creator Darin Olien is willing to go ANYwhere to find the highest quality source for 60+ ingredients. It’s truly amazing. People have no idea. If they did, they would know what a bargain they were getting.

Beachbody puts every single one of the 60+ ingredients through stringent R&D and quality checks. They get their ingredients directly from the source, which are also put through the same thorough quality checks. This is NOT typical in the nutritional supplement industry. Most supplement companies get their ingredients from suppliers and don’t know much about where it really comes from.

Is Shakeology Worth It? | TheFitClubNetwork.comThe truth is that the nutritional supplement industry is messed up. There is little follow through on regulations and you ultimately have to just trust the company to do the work. In fact, before creating Shakeology, Darin was making his own shakes—at a MUCH high per price than $4 per serving—because he couldn’t find anything off the shelf that met his high health and quality standards and that he could trust enough to put into his body.

In 2006, Beachbody’s founder and CEO, Carl Daikeler, gave Darin permission to formulate a top notch, top quality nutritional supplement as he saw fit. He stands by this stance to this day. And, everyone at Beachbody contributes to this mission—especially the quality assurance team and the R&D team. It is NOT cheap to send these folks around the world to find, source, and regulate every single ingredients.

Sure, Shakeology could be made cheaper, but Beachbody refuses to do this because it means they would have to add products that they could not stand behind. This is why Monica and I—along with thousands of other Beachbody employees and coaches—feel so good about the products we represent. Yep, you get what you pay for, folks.

How to Read Nutrition Labels

The nutritional supplement market is overwhelming. You need to be educated and aware or you will overspend and undernourish yourself. Learn how to read a nutrition label—and turn that package over read it carefully.

Is Shakeology Worth It? | TheFitClubNetwork.comLook at the protein. What kind is it—isolate or concentrate? Is it single source or diversified? Does it come from soy? Shakeology uses an isolate protein, which is the highest quality protein available today. It is more concentrated, has less lactose, is highly filtered, and well diversified. In addition to isolate, Shakeology also contains several plant-based proteins—from quinoa, chia, flax, rice, and oat—to provide more amino acids. There is NO soy in Shakeology. In case you weren’t aware, most soy in the typical market is genetically modified, which is a BIG no-no for our bodies.

Look at the carbohydrates. Are they complex? How much comes from sugar? Natural sugar is not that bad IF it’s in the proper proportion. There are very few sugars in Shakeology and some stevia [a well proven and safe natural sweetener]. It does NOT contain any of the gnarly chemical-based sweeteners that are found in many other supplements.

A Little Analogy

You need a new car. If you’re doing it right, you research…a lot. You look at safety, reliability, quality and the reputation of the manufacturer first—then, you back into the price and make your purchase.

Why would you not use these same standards with something that you are putting inside your body? Why would you not be educated about something that directly impacts the length of time you will be on this planet??? We must look at all food and all supplements with our eyes wide open from a researched point of view. Price should NOT be the only consideration for something you are putting into your body. Neither should convenience. And, impulse does not have a place in any nutritional purchase.

You have no place to complain about current or future health issues if you don’t fill your body with good things. Poor health is a self-fulfilling prophecy if you compromise on quality when it comes to your body. If people had education-based healthy habits, they would NOT be in many of the bad health situations they are now.

Advocate for yourself. You deserve quality nutrients, food, and water. Invest in your future and don’t skimp on healthy habits. YOU are a top priority.

Free Shakeology Sample

So, what do you think now? Is Shakeology worth it? The final part of your education is to try it for yourself. We would love to help you make the same MAJOR change in your life that so radically changed ours back in 2007. If you’re not already working with a coach, we would be happy to send you a FREE Shakeology sample. It’s a quick process that starts with a single click below.

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