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Tips for Eating More Vegetables on Portion Fix / 21 Day Fix

Tips for Eating More Vegetables on the 21 Day Fix | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COM

How to Eat More Veggies on the 21 Day Fix | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COM

Eating More Vegetables Can be Delicious!

I have to admit something — I LOVE VEGGIES. Eating more vegetables has never been an issue for me. But, I’ve been a Beachbody Coach (and a mom!) long enough to know that not everyone loves vegetables.

Since becoming a Beachbody Coach and focusing on my health, I’ve learned some clever ideas for eating more vegetables. And, I’m sharing them with you here because it will help you A LOT with the Portion Fix/21 Day Fix, Ultimate Portion Fix or 2B Mindset, AND the nutrients in veggies help fight cancer and other diseases.

Think Outside the Box

When it comes to incorporating more veggies in your diet, sometimes you’ve got to think outside the box.

Do things differently — like allowing yourself to eat dinner for breakfast!

If you’re not used to eating this way, it probably sounds weird. Let me tell you that butternut squash with an egg at breakfast is delicious and filling. And, it sneaks extra veggies into your day.

Want another great way to eat more vegetables? Increase the ratio of veggies to eggs in your breakfast scramble.

Try different variations — like cut up cilantro, bell peppers, and mushrooms and sauté them with your eggs. Don’t like cilantro? Try spinach and bell peppers. Just have get creative and have fun!

And, keep trying new veggies. If you’re not used to eating lots of veggies, it may take a little time to get used to them. But, you will! And, pretty soon, you’ll come to love them.

When eating whole foods with balanced meals, you need less calories to feel satisfied. You’ll find meeting your weight-loss goals a lot easier when you focus on eating more veggies.

Vegetables are FULL of fiber, which makes them more filling than high-calorie processed foods.

Buffet Style Meal Prep School: Lesson 1 "An Overview of Buffet Style Meal Prep" | TheFitClubNetwork.comRecipes Schmecipes

My healthy eating philosophy is totally centered on keeping it SIMPLE and Buffet Style Meal Prep. You do NOT need to get bogged down in recipes! (Think of all the time you’ll save by NOT browsing Pinterest!)

Try something easy like this when you’re committed to eating more vegetables:

Cut up the vegetables of your choice  and simmer them in some organic vegetable broth.

Clean and remove the tails from some raw shrimp. (You can buy two-pound bags of uncooked frozen shrimp at Costco!) Dump them raw right into the boiling broth — the shrimp cooks with the vegetables.

Add spices you like and maybe a little hot sauce. This is an easy-to-make satisfying meal that helps you achieve your goal of eating more vegetables.

Sweet or Savory for the Green Container

Are you following the Portion Fix/21 Day Fix or Ultimate Portion Fix eating plans and looking for ideas for your green Portion Fix container?

Depending on your calorie needs, you’ll eat from your green container 3-6 times per day.

Some people put the same stuff in their container day in and day out and find themselves getting bored. (Honestly, I don’t feel this way because I prefer EASY and healthy over excitement any day.)

Again, you’re going to to want to start thinking outside the box.

Have you ever tried pumpkin? If not, I have some treats for you!

Most people only think about pumpkins at Halloween and Thanksgiving. But, you can get organic pureed pumpkin all year long and it’s a nutritional powerhouse!

An important note here: DO NOT use canned pumpkin pie mix (because it’s full of sugar). DO use plain organic canned pumpkin OR bake a fresh pumpkin. This is one of those times it’s important to read the nutrition label.

Pure pumpkin is FULL full of potassium, antioxidants, beta carotene, vitamins AND minerals. It’s super low in calories and full of fiber. It also helps regulate blood pressure, lower your risk of colon cancer, and combat diabetes.

Pumpkin is great in savory dishes. Here are a few delicious EASY recipes:

I love putting my homemade salsa on my steamed or roasted veggies or my salads! Here’s one made with pumpkin—Avocado and Pumpkin Salsa

Tips for Eating More Vegetables on the 21 Day Fix | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COMAnd, here’s a fabulous healthy snack to eat with cut up veggies—Savory Pumpkin Hummus

I love how versatile pumpkin is! You can also satisfy your sweet tooth with pumpkin while staying on course with your healthy eating.

Here is a simple Portion Fix / 21 Day Fix pumpkin breakfast:

  • 1 green container organic pureed pumpkin
  • 1/2 purple container fruit (apples, berries, etc.)
  • A dollop to 1/2 red container plain Greek yogurt
  • 1 yellow container Fix compliant granola cereal
  • Sprinkling of ground cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice

And, here’s another simple sweet pumpkin treat—Cinnamon Baked Pumpkin

Amazing Substitutions

I totally get it — you’re used to eating a certain way. You’ve eaten the same way most of your life. That’s when creativity and thinking outside the box are your friends.

The more veggies you can substitute for unhealthy foods, the better off you are — not just nutritionally, but calorically as well.

Here’s one I bet you’ve never thought of — eggplant bacon!

Kinda weird, right? Okay, it may not taste exactly like bacon, but it’s definitely an amazing substitute and a delicious way to be eating more vegetables!

Tips for Eating More Vegetables on the 21 Day Fix | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COMHere’s the (EASY) recipe—Eggplant Bacon

By now, you’ve probably heard of all the healthy food swaps you can make with cauliflower.

If you haven’t tried cauliflower pizza crust, you’re missing out! Here’s one of the easier versions I’ve seen for this yummy substitution—Simple Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Another substitution that helps you on your mission of eating more vegetables is swapping the bread for veggies.

Bread is a really just a high-carb vehicle that transports other foods to your mouth. Why not substitute it for something more nutritious?

A hamburger is delicious wrapped in a big leaf of lettuce. Stick some onion and tomato inside and you’ve got a healthy dinner without all the carbs.

Collard leaves make awesome sandwich rollups.

The leaves are big, dark-green nutritional powerhouses and tough enough to roll up whatever you’re putting in your “sandwich.” Collard leaves are cheaper than most other greens making eating healthy fit within your budget.

Imagine if you used collard leaves instead of bread every time you had a sandwich? It’s a small substitution that pays big dividends over time.

Eating More Vegetables

Including more vegetables in your diet is good for so many reasons.

They are packed with fiber to fill you up for hours.

They are nutritionally dense — delivering lots of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help fight cancer, lower blood pressure, and combat diabetes.

And, they are low in calories.

If you’ve been eating a diet full of processed foods, it can be challenging at first to start eating more vegetables. But, believe me, it totally gets easier over time and you will SO glad you made this change!

Keep using your Portion Fix/21 Day Portion containers and adding more veggies to your diet so you can start being a healthier you and maximize your results with this awesome program!

Remember, it’s about so much more than reaching a healthy weight — it’s about living a healthy lifestyle. Your body will thank you!

If you would like personalized help with eating more veggies and your weight loss journey, click below and assign me as your personal Beachbody Coach. There are so many benefits to this relationship and we’ll tackle your weight-loss and health goals together!

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Wife, mother, former elementary school teacher, one-half of a dynamic coaching team and co-founder of the Fit Club Network. I am currently an Independent 14 Star Diamond Coach whose passionate about helping others transform their lives.

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