Beachbody Fitness Programs

The Fit Club Network has a wealth of information – including reviews, tips, recipes and more – on popular Beachbody programs.

Beachbody’s New Quick Start Fitness Program

A Quick Start Fitness Program to Launch You Into Health One of the best things about Beachbody is that they listen and then they act. They heard and responded to their coaches who asked for a way for their newest customers to “try before they buy.”...
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Beachbody’s New Three Week Fitness Challenge

Our New Three Week Fitness Challenge Some of you may know that I was one of a select group of coaches to take part in the new Shift Shop three-week pre-release test group. This is Beachbody’s latest three week fitness challenge that is designed...
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Avoiding Injury During Exercise

Avoiding Injury During Exercise Those of you who follow our blog know that I’m no stranger to exercise-related injury. I enjoy pushing myself hard and love extreme sports like skiing and surfing. I’ve been a triathlete and pushed my body to its limits....
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The Importance of Combining Fitness with a Healthy Diet

The Importance of Combining Fitness with a Healthy Diet When I went through my first weight loss transformation with the help of Beachbody back in 2003, I only did the workouts. Today I have a lot of customers follow the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan, but don’t...
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Being SELF Directed on Your Fitness Journey

Being SELF Directed on Your Fitness Journey I’m pretty sure that most everyone I coach secretly wishes (and sometimes believes!) that I had a magic wand to lay upon their head and instill infinite motivation so they can finally reach their health...
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NEW!!! Beachbody On Demand Membership & Challenge Pack

You Will Love the New Beachbody On Demand Membership! So there’s fire, the wheel, sliced bread…and now there is the NEW Beachbody On Demand membership (and challenge pack)! We are super stoked about this new product—because it is a FABULOUS...
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Autumns Calabrese’s 3 Day Quick Fix

The 3 Day Quick Fix You may have heard of the 3 Day Quick Fix that is a part of Autumn Calabrese’s 21 Day Fix program. I want to make sure you understand how this helpful tool works. What the 3 Day Quick Fix is Not Let’s start with what...
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