Ultimate Reset Recipes

Kale Chips Recipe

Kale Chips Recipe Are you craving salty chips, but are determined NOT to cheat? Try this simple kale chips recipe instead! This is one of my favorite clean eating recipes for weight loss. It’s SO easy to make and satisfies my craving without an...
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Simple & Healthy Vegetable Recipe

Simple & Healthy Vegetable Recipe Many people struggle with making healthy food. They believe it to be time consuming and expensive and don’t know where to start, especially if it’s a big change for them. Here’s a super easy and...
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Coach Dave’s Simple Vegetable Recipe

Coach Dave’s Simple Vegetable Recipe As I’ve mentioned in previous Ultimate Reset posts, my post-Reset nutrition plan is to eat vegetarian three to four days per week and, of course, eat generally healthy at all times. This is one of my favorite...
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Healthy Broccoli Recipe

Contrary to popular belief, broccoli doesn’t have to be drowned in cheese sauce to be good. In the video below, Monica shares a terrific healthy broccoli recipe. I used to think that vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower were side dishes to be steamed,...
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