Cassie Hubanks

Cassie Hubanks

I've been a Beachbody program user for almost 5 years and a coach for 4. I felt, after 3 years and a 15lb weight loss that had been maintained that my journey was over. I continued to do workout programs to a T but my results were minimal. Why? Because I told myself I was eating healthy. But, I didn't know what healthy was because I wasn't actually following a plan. My portions were much more than I cared to admit and my treats were far more than i care to admit. I was fit and didn't care about the scale, but I wasn't defined. I craved definition and strength. Shift Shop did that for me. All the programs slowly built my healthy eating foundation and I was ready to tackle something strict like Shift Shop. Now, I feel nothing is untouchable!

Author: Scribaceous

Additional Information

Transformation Period: 30-days
Pounds Lost (in previous month): +2
Inches Lost (in previous month): 3
Beachbody progam(s) used:: Shift Shop
Shakeology Flavor:: -Vegan-vanilla
Coach: Lee Ratterman

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