Shay Pendergraft

Shay Pendergraft

The best thing to come out of this was my mental shift. I used to be determined. Dedicated. Driven. I always did the hard things. This last year I lost that part of myself. I was in survival mode. I didn't recognize parts of who I'd become. This program reminded me that I am not a quitter. I do not lose hope. I am an example. I was created for more. I had lost these in the last year. I quit a lot of things. I started thinking this was just the new me. I was not being any sort of good example. I wasn't living up to the potential God placed in me. This program changed all that. I feel like my old self. I am determined and driven. My hope is back. I'm setting an example I can be proud of. I'm being who I was created to be. I made the Shift.

Additional Information

Transformation Period: 30-days
Pounds Lost (in previous month): 10
Inches Lost (in previous month): 6
Beachbody progam(s) used:: The Shift Shop
Shakeology Flavor:: Reg-chocolate
Coach: Tami Nicholson

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