How Does the 21 Day Fix Work?

Coach Monica's FAQ Video Series

How Does the 21 Day Fix Work?

by 21 Day Fix Specialist Coach Monica Koon


How Does the 21 Day Fix Work? |

I am madly in love with the 21 Day Fix meal plan and workout…and, it’s my passionate goal to make it easier for YOU, so you can reap the benefits of this amazing program! A lot of people ask me “How does the 21 Day Fix work?” I created this video series to answer this and many other questions—AND connect with anyone who wants to be coached for FREE on the 21 Day Fix program.

I’ve done many rounds of the Fix now and have settled into a system of making food lists and meal plans, prepping food and, of course, hitting the workouts. (OMG…Lower Fix! Can we talk??? This is a serious leg workout!!!). As a 21 Day Fix specialist, I am able to effectively coach you through the program, which boosts your chances of success.

Who Am I?

I’m Coach Monica Koon and I have the incredible honor of being one of the original founding Beachbody coaches. Beachbody’s founder and CEO, Carl Daikeler, approached me to be a coach when they first started the program because I was super active on their Message Boards (this was where we all hung out before Facebook). I did this because I was—and AM —a HUGE believer in mutually supporting each other on our health and fitness journeys and sharing tools and tips along the way. Why? Because it totally increases everyone’s chances of success!

When the 21 Day Fix was launched in early 2014, I was immediately smitten. It was exactly the program I needed—structured, simple, and fun. Autumn Calabrese’s portion-control nutrition plan completely takes the guesswork AND calorie counting (something I actually used to do) out of eating healthy. And, her workouts rock!

In addition to being P90X Certified, I am a 21 Day Fix specialist. I live, breathe and eat this program. In addition to tons of free health resources on the website AND free coaching, I have a vibrant private Fix family accountability group on Facebook full of people actively working on their health and fitness using the Fix Eating Plan and a variety of Beachbody fitness programs. This is where I hand down #coachmonicasorders and everyone shares their versions of #myfixedplate! If I’m assigned as your Coach, you can click below and request to join.

With my coaching—and the support of all the wonderful Fixers in my Fix Facebook familyyou CAN SUCCEED on this program! Even better, you have the potential to make a permanent lifestyle change—and, if you are as passionate about the positive changes in yourself—pay it forward and help others to the same.


Before we dive into my FAQ video series on the 21 Day Fix, I have two very important resources for you to bookmark for the future:

FAQ Video Series

In the videos below, I share my thoughts and experiences and (hopefully) answer the question “How does the 21 Day Fix work?”:


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