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PiYo Workout | TheFitClubNetwork.com

Piyo Workout & Meal Plan

PiYo Workout | TheFitClubNetwork.com

The PiYo program is a yoga and pilates workout with a “Get Lean” meal plan. This Chalene Johnson workout will get you amazing results without punishing your body.

PiYo exercise combines the muscle and core benefits of pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of yoga. Chalene cranks up the speed to burn fat, while keeping it low-impact so your body will be incredibly defined. This 60-day/6 day a week workout is for all ages, body types, and fitness levels.

All you need for the PiYo Workout is a yoga mat, water and space enough to take a step in any direction. The program is available as a PiYo work out DVD or in the Beachbody on Demand library. No matter how you purchase it, you’ll get eight (mostly) 30 minute workouts and FREE coaching by Coach Monica.

Piyo Workout & Meal Plan Packages

Beachbody On Demand (BOD) Membership


The Beachbody On Demand membership includes the following:

1) One year subscription to Beachbody On Demand
2) All program & nutrition guides*
3) Free coaching

* It does NOT include the Portion Control Container Set (<<< click this link to order)

Second Best Option

PiYo & Shakeology Challenge Pack


The PiYo Shakeology Challenge Pack includes:

1) PiYo Base Kit

2) 30-day supply of Shakeology (auto-shipped monthly)

3) 30-day trial membership to On Demand

4) Free coaching

PiYo Base Kit


The PiYo Base Kit includes:

1) (7) workouts (DVD)

2) Quick Start Guide

3) 60 day workout calendar

4) Get Lean Eating Plan

5) Buns, Core & Hardcore on the Floor workouts

6) Free coaching

Recommended Option

BOD Shakeology
Challenge Pack


The Beachbody On Demand Shakeology Challenge Pack includes the following:

1) One year subscription to On Demand
2) First month of Shakeology (auto-shipped monthly)
3) Portion Fix Eating Plan
4) Portion Fix food containers
5) Free coaching

Recommended Option

BOD Performance
Challenge Pack


The Beachbody On Demand Performance Challenge Pack includes the following:

1) One year subscription to On Demand
2) First month of Energize & Recover (auto-shipped monthly)
3) Portion Fix eating plan
4) Portion Fix food containers
5) Free coaching

Learn More About Piyo Meal Planning


  • Tanya


    Two months ago I started PiYo for the first time. I still remember searching high and low if PiYo was the right choice for me. It sounded very easy and I'm used to Burn Interval, HIIT 25, LEAN CIRCUIT and it goes on and on. I ate clean and created a minor calorie intake deficit on and off. After two months I lost 15 pounds in just one round of PiYo. I am very pleased with the results. I still can't believe how my flexibly has improved. It is all thanks to you and your team. Chalene's workouts will change your life for the better. There is NO going back...

  • Miss B


    I started PiYo 12/15 and fell in love. I have never been in love with home workouts but I have participated 5-6 days a week. Chalene is so pleasant and I look forward to beginning my days with her. If I happen to miss a morning I can pop in a quick one in the evening. I have not incorporated Shakeology yet #based on financial status) but the workouts are keeping my interest both mentally and physically. I have voiced my love of PiYo and Chalene over and over. Chalene has a gift that just makes you feel GOOD. I am blessed to witness this gift!

  • Shirkdog


    Chalene is so encouraging. She has a positive attitude that keeps me going. I look forward to the workouts. You have to invest and get through the first week or 2 then you start craving the workout. I appreciate PiYo very much. I started my fitness overhaul with 10 weeks of T25 then I did my first 8 week of PiYo and now I am doing my 2nd 8 weeks of PiYo. The change from a cardio focus with T25 to a strength and flexibility focus with PiYo has been good for me. Of course diet is key. But having these Beachbody workouts has really helped me along the way.

  • raheema15


    I have seen such amazing results with this workout. I have arm muscles now!! My legs are so defined and my abs are starting to take shape as the fat melts away! Thank you Chalene, your workouts are amazing and you keep me motivated throughout with your upbeat, can do attitude!

  • SAH


    These are short, sweet workouts that deliver results. Chalene is a fabulous instructor. Her programs include modifications for those of us with knee, wrist, or back problems. It can take a while to develop the strength necessary to do some of the complex moves, but you'll definitely break a sweat with this program.

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