Buffet Style Meal Prep School

Buffet Style Meal Prep School: Lesson 1 "An Overview of Buffet Style Meal Prep" | TheFitClubNetwork.com

Buffet Style Meal Prep School: Lesson 1 "An Overview of Buffet Style Meal Prep" | TheFitClubNetwork.com


Lesson 1—An Overview of Buffet Style Meal Prep

Once a teacher, always a teacher! I created this resource because BUFFET STYLE MEAL PREP is one of the KEYS to success with the 21 Day Fix eating plan (or ANY healthy nutrition program). Why? Because it’s SIMPLE and EFFICIENT. And, simple is smart, sexy, and a crucial component of ANY realistic lifestyle.

I emphasized lifestyle because my goal is to have “portion control” become the way you eat every day for the rest of your life so you can STOP struggling with your weight. The Fix’s portion control eating plan is NOT just another temporary diet—no more yo-yo-ing! It is a healthy diet of nutrient dense whole single ingredient foods in the proper proportions and ratios and it CAN be easy and enjoyably every day.

No More Overcomplicating Healthy Eating!

Too often, people overcomplicate eating healthy. Here’s what usually happens:

They find a new weight loss solution and are super excited and dialed in—at first. They tell everyone what they’re doing, put in a lot of effort to get organized, spend hours on Pinterest looking for new recipes, take pics of their food to post on social media, and then…SILENCE. After a couple weeks or months, they burn out and lose out.

Does that sound familiar???

If this sounds like you, don’t feel bad. We’ve ALL been there. None of us can change reality—and, trust me, reality always hits.

We ALL have only 24 hours in the day, 7 days in a week, and 4 weeks in a month, 12 months in a year—and most of us have MANY people and/or tasks that demand our attention. As much as we’d like to temporarily fool ourselves, we can never escape our human limits and few of us can keep up a Martha Stewart pace for long.

The good news is that you don’t have to—BUFFET STYLE MEAL PREP is something everybody (even busy “bodies” lol) can handle because it’s SIMPLE and DOABLE.

At first, finding those several hours to plan, shop, and prep meals may seem daunting or even impossible. If you’re feeling this way, I want you to STOP and do something for me (no…for YOU) right NOW:

  • Calculate how much time you currently spend every week grocery shopping, cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a daily basis.
  • Calculate the time you spend going through the drive-thru or stopping off at the convenience store to grab something when you don’t feel like cooking.
  • Add these two numbers together.
  • Now, look at the quality of the food you’re eating living this way.

My first guess is this gives you some perspective. My second guess is that the sum you came up with above isn’t that far off from the total amount of time you’ll spend grocery shopping and doing your buffet style meal prep for the entire week.

I’ll also bet that when you do BUFFET STYLE MEAL PREP, you’ll be eating MUCH healthier AND you’ll have newfound time during the week to exercise, spend time with your family and friends, and take care of YOU.

What is Buffet Style Meal Prep?

BUFFET STYLE MEAL PREP is a brilliant twist on regular meal prep. Here’s how it works:

  • You prepare a variety of UNseasoned staple HEALTHY foods (like meats, eggs, veggies, rice, etc.) ahead of time and store them in individual containers.
  • When it’s meal time, your fridge is just like a restaurant buffet—you grab a little bit of this and a little bit of that and throw some seasonings on top. Feel like Mexican? Add some cumin, oregano, and hot sauce. Italian? Throw in some basil, oregano, and balsamic vinegar. Thai? Toss in some lime juice, red chili peppers, and cilantro. Voila! You have a delicious AND healthy meal in MINUTES.

Not only is BUFFET STYLE MEAL PREP a HUGE timesaver over preparing separate individual meals, it’s also conducive to feeding a family with a variety of eating requirements and tastes.

Buffet Style Meal Prep School: Lesson 1 "An Overview of Buffet Style Meal Prep" | TheFitClubNetwork.comHow Meal Prepping Helps With Weight Loss

Meal prepping is one task that MUST be put at the top of our priority list IF you want to reach your weight loss goal AND live a long and healthy life. And, we all want that, right? Once we get in the mindset that our LIFE is on the line, it becomes much easier to commit.

Here are some ways that planning and prepping meals helps us lose weight:


  • It takes the guesswork out of our week’s healthy meals. When we are mindful about our meals for the week, we know exactly what (and how much) we’re eating. Guess what? There is NO arguing against the relationship between planning and meeting goals.
  • It virtually eliminates unhealthy eating. We tend to make our worst food choices when we’re hungry and in a hurry, tired, or unprepared. This is when we lose to our impulsive cravings, fall back into our unhealthy habits, or grab whatever’s easiest (which is NOT usually the healthiest). When we take the time to sit down and thoughtfully plan out what we’re eating for the week, and have our snacks and meals prepared ahead of time, we ensure that we eat healthy, balanced meals.
  • It keeps eating interesting. Meal planning does NOT mean your meals are boring! In fact, it’s been found that people who plan and prep their meals ahead of time not only eat more nutritious foods, but they also have more variety in their diet.
  • The structure reduces stress and conserves willpower. When we have too many choices, we are called upon far too often to use our willpower to make the right ones and turn down the tempting ones. With pre-planned and prepped meals, we have just the right amount of healthy options to choose from.

And, remember, that buffet style meal prep actually frees up time during the following week—no more expending mental energy thinking up breakfast, lunch AND dinner each day and no more physical energy and time to make them on a daily basis. All you have to do is throw your meal together from your prepped foods and (maybe) heat it up!

Free Coaching & Support

Soon after the 21 Day Fix launched, I made the decision to specialize in it. Soon after that, I figured out the beauty of BUFFET STYLE MEAL PREP. When Beachbody on Demand was launched, I dialed into the Portion Fix eating plan and encourage my customers to enjoy the variety of exercise programs that their On Demand subscription offers—because you MUST combine healthy nutrition AND fitness to reach your goal. Together, these tools CAN help you achieve your goal!

Add to these my free coaching and private online accountability group and you have a SOLID support system.

I have two things for you to do now—1) if you haven’t already done so, sign up for my FREE 7 day 21 Day Fix meal plan and Getting Started guide below so you can start walking on the path toward success; and 2) start reading my Getting Started with the 21 Day Fix so you start off on the right foot!


A Buffet Style Meal Prep Education

Now, it’s time to continue class! Over the next several days or weeks, I want you to sit down with a cup of coffee, tea or water and soak up this BUFFET STYLE MEAL PREP education. It truly is the KEY to your success! REMEMBER—if you REALLY want to make a change in your lifestyle, you have to learn new skills. Here’s where you start:

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