3 Day Refresh Cleanse

Cleanse and lose weight fast without starving yourself

3 Day Refresh Cleanse | TheFitClubNetwork.com

3 Day Refresh Cleanse

3 Day Refresh Cleanse | TheFitClubNetwork.com

The 3 Day Refresh Cleanse is scientifically designed to detoxify and cleanse your body with easy-to-prepare, nutritious whole foods that help your vital organs reenergize. It will help you break the cycle of bad eating WITHOUT starving yourself while losing weight.

It’s a great tool to kickstart your new healthy lifestyle or after you’ve overindulged on a vacation. We suggest doing the 3 Day Refresh once a month to keep yourself on track and ensure you make permanent positive changes in your eating habits.

3 Day Refresh Challenge Pack | TheFitClubNetwork.com

Basic Cleanse with Shakeology

3 Day Refresh Cleanse


The following is included in the 3 Day Refresh kit:

1) (3) packets Shakeology (a daily breakfast to support your body’s vital functions, maximize energy & maintain healthy blood sugar)

2) (6) packets Vanilla Fresh shake (with 20+ grams plant based protein, 22 vitamins/minerals, and probiotics for your lunch & dinner)

3) (3) packets Fiber Sweep drink (a gentle and natural drink to naturally eliminate waste from your digestive system)

4) Nutrition Guide (with food list & 9 easy dinner recipes)

Recommended Option

3 Day Refresh Challenge Pack


Save $45.00 when you buy the 3 Day Refresh Challenge Pack. In addition to the complete 3 Day Refresh kit, you’ll get our most powerful tool shipped to you every month AND some time to try out hundreds of workout programs that you can live stream on your TV or mobile device so you can continue living a healthy lifestyle after the cleanse is complete:

1) 24 or 30 day supply of Shakeology (auto-shipped monthly)

2) 30-day trial Beachbody on Demand membership

3) Discounted shipping

Real People Talk About Real Results

  • Platinum Fitness


    I enjoyed the 3 Day refresh so much! It helped me refocus on my diet and kick start my system. I lost 2.6 lbs and 1.5 inches from my waist!

  • Ameana


    I just love the 3 Day Refresh. I have done it twice and had great results both times. This summer after a camping trip I did Refresh and lost 6 lbs & 6 inches. I just did the Refresh a gain last week after my cruise and lost 5.2 lbs & 7 inches. It's very easy to follow & there is food included so you are not starving! I love that it undoes all the damage I did the previous week! I would definitely do again & highly recommend.

  • BamaBabe0517


    The 3 Day Refresh helped me kick my sweet tooth I had since Christmas. And it also helped me cut down on my coffee intake. That along with the 6 pound I lost is why I love it!

  • LJK


    I've done the 3 Day Refresh three times. Each time I've found it incredibly easy to follow and effective in helping me throw off pounds I've put on..holiday eating ( Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas)...I've lost between 4 to 5.6 lbs and over an inch off my waist and hips EACH time I've done the program! I LOVE it and highly recommend it!

  • LL&C


    Despite a consistent exercise schedule & eating clean, my weight does not move. The 3-Day actually helped me to lose 4lbs and 2 inches, with really little effort. I have ordered another round and will probably repeat this program 3-4 times a year.

  • BGunder


    Used this before my wedding and it was great! Really easy during all the hustle of getting ready my final week! Felt amazing.

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