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Tony Horton's P90X Workouts | TheFitClubNetwork.com



Tony Horton's P90X Workouts | TheFitClubNetwork.com

P90X Program

P90X was the first of Tony Horton’s P90X workouts and raised the bar for in-home fitness and nutrition. At the core of this outstanding program is “muscle confusion,” a process that continually challenges the body’s muscles so that it never reaches a plateau. This also means it never gets easy. You will also sharpen your knowledge of smart eating and discover healthy diet choices.

P90X includes 12 sweat-inducing, muscle-pumping workouts that will help you develop skills, coordination, and flexibility that will transform your body from regular to ripped in just 90 days.


P90X2 Program

P90X2 delivers the kind of results pro athletes insist on with breakthrough sports science called “Muscle Integration.” It isn’t harder than P90X, it’s simply better due to two key improvements—flexible & customizable training phases and a broader Nutrition Guide (now with vegan, paleo, and more). Customizable phases mean you’ll need to master certain movements prior to moving forward. (As your personal coaches, we use a scientific Performance-Based Assessment to help you figure out how and when to switch phases.)

The P90X2 program includes 12 breakthrough muscle-challenging workouts.

P90X2 Program — P90X2 Workout | TheFitClubNetwork.com


Tony Horton's P90X3 Workout | TheFitClubNetwork.com

P90X3 Program

P90X3 is all about efficiency and eliminates the excuse of not having enough time. This 90 day program is split into three “blocks” with 30 minute workout sessions. Even if you’ve done the entire P90X One-on-One series, there are going to be things you’ve never seen before because there’s a ton of new material, like “eccentric training.” And, in answer to customer feedback, the P90X3 Nutrition Guide includes vegan options.

The P90X3 program includes 16 challenging 30 minute workouts.


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  • Demi B.


    I had my first child in 2002, and I was in the Marine Corps at that time. They give you about 6 weeks to get back into shape, and I was pretty much forced into getting back into shape really quick. Fast-forward 7 years later, I'm pregnant with my second child. I'm not in the Marine Corps anymore, and so I don't have that extra push, so I go back to the gym, still was not seeing any results whatsoever. I was depressed; I was just angry at myself. Things were just different. Late one night, I saw the infomercial for P90X, and I knew that from my past history of training in the Marine Corps that this would be perfect for me. My husband told me, you know, we can do this as long as we can cancel our gym memberships, and so we said sayonara to over $200 a month in gym memberships. I love the intensity that it brought. It was simple yet it had a science to it with this Muscle Confusion.

  • Anthony L.


    I went to the gym trying to lift weights; couldn't do it. Saw people there that were more fit than me. That was very discouraging itself, so I just went home. I end up Googling 'how to get fit,' and I see a lot of people on YouTube. Reading people's feedback when they tried P90X, not one, zero, zero negative feedback about P90X. Just watching those videos, I was like, I gotta do it. I want to do it. Just seeing them makes me want to work out. But when I first started, I couldn't do nothing. P90X, they laid it out for me and made it very simple. Here's an analogy: it's like how to work a computer for dummies. All you have to do is Push Play, follow the nutrition guides, and you're good.

  • Rob S.


    Five years ago when I met my wife, I was 225 and I gained a little happy weight over the first 3, 4 years of our marriage and got up to about 250, the biggest I had ever been . . . Me as a guy, the last thing ever I thought I would be doing is sitting in my living room, working out in front of a TV. It's just something I always saw my mom or my sister doing aerobics. And it's amazing. I'm sitting here working in front of the TV and I don't feel funny . . . I've got a great personal trainer, just right there, telling me what moves to do, when to do 'em, how to do 'em, and just guide me through a process. And all you have to do is just follow it . . . It's not easy by any means, but if you commit to it, the way that you feel after each workout is amazing 'cause you feel like you've just conquered the world, and you're excited to even go back and do it the next time . . . You want this, so get it done.

  • Jody B.


    Before starting the P90X program, I was extremely lazy. It really didn't dawn on me that I had a problem until I heard about a rumor that was going around about me that I must be pregnant. I of course was not pregnant, and it was a very hard blow. Right around that time is when my husband started watching the P90X infomercial . . . It's a money-back guarantee, so we went ahead and decided to order it. And I gotta tell ya, it's the best thing that we've ever done . . . I started seeing my results around the 30-day mark. My pants were about an inch to two inches too big. Then I saw greater results at 60 days, and then I was just blown away by my 90-day results. I could not believe what I was seeing, from day 1 compared to day 90 . . . It's a lifetime change for me. I'm not gonna quit. I'm gonna stick with it. I love the results, and I'm never going back to that person that I was before.

  • Tommy M.


    When you see P90X on an infomercial, you know, you're seeing guys that are reasonably healthy get really ripped, and they do it in 90 days. And when you're a fat guy, you're looking at this thing and you're thinking, there is no way. And what you don't realize is that it's ok to modify. It's ok to not keep up with the people in the video. The first time I did a video, I couldn't do 20% of what they were doing. But Tony says, 'Do your best and forget the rest.' And whatever my best was that day, whatever I was capable of, whether it was doing eight push-ups for my knees and then taking the last 30 seconds off, that's what I did. And I could struggle as much as I wanted to in my own living room; nobody's watching . . . In 30 days, I lost like 17 pounds, 60 days I'd lost 35 pounds, and after 90 days, I lost 47 pounds. That's like a pound every 2 days. Why stop? There's no reason to stop. I don't call it P90X—I call it P-Lifetime-X.

  • Mechelle W.


    I’ve had major success with P90X and lost 91 lbs in your challenge group! The accountability and constant support made all the difference for me. I learned how to incorporate the nutrition program with the workouts and what that really means. It’s not enough to just do the workouts on your own. I’d encourage anyone to take the opportunity to work with you one on one and rise to the challenge. X3 is an awesome program, and I am continuing my journey with it. Best move I ever made!

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