The Master’s Hammer & Chisel Workout

Sculpt yourself into a masterpiece with Autumn Calabrese & Sagi Kalev

Autumn & Sagi's New Sculpting Workout Program |

The Master’s Hammer & Chisel

Fitness trainers Autumn Calabrese [21 Day Fix] and Sagi Kalev [Body Beast] have collaborated to bring you Beachbody’s most comprehensive resistance program that will help you shed body fat and build powerful muscle in 60 days. The secret of the Master’s Hammer & Chisel is SSP Training, which focuses on stabilization, strength and power.

The 12 workouts—along with FREE coaching by Coach Monica—will totally transform your body in just 30-40 minutes per day. And, most importantly, you’ll have the tools to create a custom nutrition plan that is based on Autumn’s tried and true portion-control system.

Hammer & Chisel Challenge Pack

Save about $60 when you buy one of the Hammer and Chisel Challenge Packs, which bundles the program with Shakeology or the Performance Line and Team Beachbody Club membership.

Along with the program, you’ll get:

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