Body Beast Workout

Gain up to 20 lbs of lean muscle in 90 days

Body Beast Workout |

Body Beast Workout

Sagi Kalev created the Body Beast workout to get you a rock-hard body with up to 20 pounds more muscle. The 16 intense workouts are a blend of old and new school bodybuilding techniques fused with a breakthrough in sports science called “Dynamic Set Training.” You’ll learn how to train smart and hard, lift properly and push your muscles to failure – and, how to eat like a bodybuilder through an in-depth nutrition program.


Body Beast Challenge Packs

Save $40 when you buy one of the Body Beast Challenge Packs, which bundles the program with the following supplements:

Shakeology Challenge Pack

  • (1) 30-serving bag or (1) box of 24 packets of Shakeology delivered on Home Direct auto ship (discounted shipping)

Performance Challenge Pack:

  • Performance Energize delivered on Home Direct auto ship
  • Performance Recover delivered on Home Direct auto ship (discounted shipping)

Both Challenge Packs enroll you in the Home Direct auto ship program with discounted shipping ($12 savings) and a FREE 30-day trial membership to Beachbody On Demand, so you can start streaming your Body Beast workouts (and hundreds more!). After your 30-day trial membership is up, you’ll be billed quarterly for your membership, which you may cancel at any time.

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Real People Talk About Real Results

  • New Old Timer


    I'm a 56 yr old man, I work long hours sometimes, and not much time to workout at a crowded gym. Body Beast has provided a complete at home workout that has easily fit into my day.

  • hatetheburnlovetheresults


    Love this workout...feel so much better since starting. Sagi is so knowledgeable and entertaining. Women should not be afraid to do this, my butt has gotten smaller and tighter, my arms are not so flabby, and I just feel better about myself.

  • Sparky


    I have been training for twenty years, tried all types of workouts many with great results. Completed P90X and loved it!! But none have matched this amazing program. The results come very quickly and will amaze everyone around. You would be crazy not to give it a go. And really the price is soo great I ordered another copy as a gift for a friend. Lots of bang for the buck.

  • Xfan


    I've done a ton of different BB programs (all of the P90X family, all of Shaun T's stuff) and I have to say that I've enjoyed Body Beast the most. It's mainly just good old fashioned weight lifting that'll leave the worked part of the body sore for a couple of days afterwards. There's no gimmicks or lame routines in the entire series.

  • Dark-Knight77


    This is old school weight lifting upgraded! Moves I've learned in Jr. High. Highly effective. Even has app so one could train anywhere. No gimmicks, no tricks, no yoga, just straight up "gym" quality workouts.

  • 6t9camaross


    At 41 years young, I now feel like I did when in my mid 20's after doing two rounds of Body Beast! Sagi's motivation, intensity, tips, and more will help you succeed with impressive results! There are modifiers for each exercise if you don't have the equipment as well. If you follow Sagi's 3 rules for success: 1. Stay Safe, 2. Watch your form, 3. Have fun! YOUR BODY WILL HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE BUT TO GROW! The Beast nutrition guide provides tasty recipes for meals, snacks, shakes, and more! This workout ROCKS!!!

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