Body Beast Workout

Gain up to 20 lbs of lean muscle in 90 days


Sagi Kalev created the Body Beast workout to get you a rock-hard body with up to 20 pounds more muscle. The 16 intense workouts are a blend of old and new school bodybuilding techniques fused with a breakthrough in sports science called “Dynamic Set Training.”

You’ll learn how to train smart and hard, lift properly and push your muscles to failure – and, how to eat like a bodybuilder through an in-depth nutrition program.

Recommended Option

BODi Shakeology
Total Solution Pack


The BODi Total Solution Pack includes the following

One year subscription to BODi

First month of Shakeology (auto-shipped monthly)

Portion Fix and 2B Mindset Eating Plans

Portion Fix food containers

Free coaching

Beachbody On Demand Interactive (BODi) Annual Membership


Create your own Health Esteem routine with BODi.

100+ programs including hits like LIIFT4, 21 Day Fix, P90X, and INSANITY

Thousands of on-demand workouts from cardio to strength, dance to yoga

All-new BODi Blocks each month—3-week workout programs for every fitness level

4 free Super Blocks from Super Trainers Autumn Calabrese, Shaun T, Lacee Green, & Jennifer Jacobs

Easy-to-follow eating plans—2B Mindset & Portion Fix

Weekly motivational videos and monthly Mindset Master Classes

A free Health Esteem Partner for accountability and a community to support every step of your journey

Recommended Option

BODi Essentials


The BODi Essentials Pack includes the following:

One year subscription to BODi

First month of Shakeology and Energize (20 servings of each)

Portion Fix and 2B Mindset eating plan

Portion Fix food containers

Free coaching


Real People Talk About Real Results

  • sportygurl


    I am a woman age 59. Had gained lots of weight due to life...divorce. Job loss etc. Thought I was just going to be fat. Ordered this on a day when I saw tv ad and decided I could do it. Started at 248 pounds the end of December and as of mid February I now weigh 214. All I can say is this is life changing! I feel great and have unbelievable energy. As you lose weight you have to exercise to firm and tone up so I have just started the tapes. What I am saying is the food concept is so spot on that I have lost 34 pounds without even exercising!! Cannot say enough about this program. It has shown me how to eat healthy and live!

  • Laurie Key


    If you are willing to actually do the work and not expect a magic pill to do the work, this will work!! In 2 months, I lost 15 pounds, (would have been more, but I do like to go out to dinner with friends and most of the time it wasn't the right stuff) Actually got my husband to start doing it with me when he saw the results and he dropped 12 pounds in 5 weeks.

  • Jay Mac


    I completed two rounds of this 21 Day Fix. I was looking for a portion control program that didn't require me to give up my favorite meals. This worked out great. The workouts were really simple and I could do them at lunch or first thing in the morning and I rarely have time to squeeze in time at the gym. I have since recommended this product to many of my friends. Even after I finished the program, I still continued dropping weight by sticking to portion control. I was down 38 pounds in less than 3 months in a very sustainable way.

  • Masie


    LOVE this program. This diet and fitness plan fits into a busy stressful lifestyle., Lost 13 lbs in one round. IMPROVED Blood glucose levels significantly. A1c level dropped significantly. NO meds needed! BVRRReviewText FEELING great!

  • Nick W.


    I admit, I was hesitant on ordering this program. I figured it was just another gimmick. I figured what the heck I'll give it try. BEST decision I ever made. I started many diets and exercise programs numerous times and failed every one. I purchased this program in april and I'm still going strong. I've lost 37 pounds and 30 inches. I'm so thankful for autumn and this program. I couldn't have done it without it. Trust me, when you get your containers you will freak out and think you are going to be starving, but I actually struggle to get all my containers in because I'm full. You have to trust the program it works!!!!

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