Tony Horton’s P90 Workout

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Tony Horton's P90 Workout |

Tony Horton’s P90 Workout

Tony Horton created the P90 workout to help people get dramatic results without the extreme workout. There are 10 workouts organized into three progressive phases to gradually get your body lean and strong.

Phase A will shape your foundation, Phase B will get you past your limits, and Phase C will complete your transformation. You’ll also get a bonus “Saturday Special” workout, Tony’s Simple Kitchen Nutrition Guide, a four step Power Plan, “How to Hit It” tutorial, resistance band, 90 day workout calendar, and “6 Day Shred” plan to get quick results.

Save about $40 when you buy the P90 Workout Challenge Pack, which bundles the program with Shakeology and Team Beachbody Club membership.

Along with the program, you’ll get:

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Real People Talk About Real Results

  • Lana Dude


    I tried P90X years ago and didn't stick with it. This time P90 was a complete success. The workouts were challenging but not overwhelming. I liked the monthly A,B,C, ramp up and the weekly rhythm to schedule. I am an active hiker and skier so had some fitness before starting, but I'm not a gym type person. Having finished my 90 days, I feel so much stronger and have way more energy. There is no way I would have made this leap this without the P90 routine.

  • Diane


    I love these workouts. They are fun, effective, and helping my sister build the stamina and strength to advance to the harder P90X workouts. She modifies and by the end of each routine is covered with sweat. The cast is motivating and the modifiers are great. Madeline is one of our favorites in the cast - she has a motivating presence with the energy she projects. I have done P90X, P90X2, and P90X3 and still find the workouts challenging. It depends upon how much you put into it.

  • Platmallar


    My wife and I have used the 10 minute trainer, P90x, Les Mills Combat, Les Mills Pump and Insanity. After all these, P90 still gives me a good kick in the rear. This program is great for beginners or if you've already used other Beachbody kits. Great stuff!

  • Joan H.

    I love this new P90 program. As a 52 year old woman, morbidly obese and with lots of health issues, I have just completed my first 90 days. I am so pleased with this product because it has a modifier that i could follow and now on day 90 i am doing the full intensity. I'm down 3 pant sizes and 23 pounds. If I can do it, anyone can. I am in the best shape of my life and am committing to another round of P90 then onto P90x. Thanks Tony for creating the P90 for those like me who are just getting started.

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