Chocolate Shakeology Recipes

Welcome to the Fit Club Network’s Chocolate Shakeology recipes!

These recipes are good for either regular or vegan Chocolate Shakeology. We have created recipes that maintain the integrity of this high quality and all natural nutritional supplement. Here’s a helpful post that will ensure you don’t go too crazy with your own recipes—Shakeology Do’s and Don’ts.

We hope you enjoy this amazing meal replacement shake. It’s a game changing power tool—and will help you lose weight faster and be the healthiest meal you eat all day.

Be sure to check out the recipes for the other flavors — including Greenberry, Vanilla (reg or vegan), Strawberry (reg or vegan), and Cafe Latte (reg or vegan)! And, if you want to learn more about Shakeology, head over to our Shakeology page. Feel free to message us for a FREE sample!

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