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It’s an understatement to say I was out of shape after having my second child.

While I could probably have lived with my overweight body and poor eating habits, I couldn’t live with the fact that my behaviors were directly influencing my two children. I want them to grow up fit and healthy with the tools they needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Ultimately, my actions were going to speak far louder than my words. So I began looking for a fitness program to get me back into shape.

I was suddenly confronted with a major change in lifestyle.


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I started with the obvious and joined a gym and began working with a personal trainer. Although the trainer was great, the gym dues were so expensive and, most importantly, spending more time away from my children after a long day at work was not an option. Ironically, my trainer was the one who told me I could reach my fitness goals exercising less than an hour a day at home. I was skeptical…it sounded too good to be true.

Late one night, while watching TV and nursing my son, I cam across an infomercial for POWER 90. There was Tony Horton offering me the 30-40 minute workout I could complete in the comfort of my own home. I decided to give it a try.

The first few weeks were HARD.

I was sore and slow. But, the Day 1 photos haunted me. Had I really become the person in that picture?

By Day 30, I was down 12 pounds and could really feel it in my clothes. The side-by-side photos amazed me. I couldn’t wait to post them on my thread for my online community to see! I was far from my goal weight, but I was beaming with pride and ready to celebrate with my Message Board buddies.

Day 90 was incredible. In just 90 days, I found myself 23 pounds lighter (weighing in at 139 pounds) and had dropped from a Size 14 to a Size 6! The exercise was truly transforming my figure. Even better, my overall health and attitude dramatically improved.

The next program I tried was Slim in 6. By the end of the next six weeks, I had lost another eight pounds and was down to a Size 4! After that success, I tried Yoga Booty Balley. I had so much fun dancing and sweating. I went on to complete P90X two more times and run four half marathons.

And, the icing on the low cal cake…in March 2007, I won Beachbody’s $10,000 Transformation Contest and, less than a year later, ran in my first full marathon. I was was in the best shape of my life.

Sometimes I shake my head in disbelief.

I never thought I’d come to love exercise and live such a healthy life! I’m thrilled that my lifestyle is positively impacting my family. Anyone around me who wants to change their lives will hear me tell them to get started on a Beachbody program and never look back.

Because I’m incredibly passionate about helping others transform their lives, I became an independent Beachbody coach…eventually forming the Fit Club Network with Dave.

I really look forward to helping YOU reach YOUR goals and feel as healthy, fit, and accomplished as I do!

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