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Coach Monica’s FREE 21 Day Fix Meal Plan & Tools

Coach Monica's FREE 21 Day Fix Meal Plan |


Coach Monica’s FREE 21 Day Fix Meal Plan & Tools

Hi, it’s Coach Monica! I am a founding Beachbody Coach and 21 Day Fix specialist on a mission to help others get healthy. Once you understand how it works, the 21 Day Fix program is SIMPLE—and my FREE 21 Day Fix Meal Plan and tools make it even simpler!

One of the reasons I fell in LOVE with this program is the portion control food container system eliminates the need to count calories and simplifies nutrition. Best of all, you won’t feel deprived!

If you commit to the program and follow it faithfully, you WILL lose weight, get healthy AND make a permanent positive change in your lifestyle.

As your Beachbody Coach, I will provide you with a constant flow of tips and tools to help you reach your goal. Watch this video to learn more about the resources I will provide to you, plus some tips on how to create your own 21 Day Fix shopping list:

What You’ll Get

You can use my FREE 21 Day Fix Meal Plan for your very first week on the program. Once you sign up below, you will immediately receive:

  • My “Getting Started” guide
  • (7) daily 21 Day Fix menus (for the 1,200-1,499 calorie bracket)
  • The grocery shopping list
  • The 21 Day Fix food list
  • My Daily Success Schedule
  • A subscription to my monthly newsletter

Coach Monica's FREE 21 Day Fix Meal Plan & Tools |

A Little Bit About Me

When the 21 Day Fix was released in early 2014, my life changed yet again because of Beachbody. (The first time was when I discovered the Beachbody workouts in the middle of the night while breastfeeding my son—you can read my FULL story here!)

The 21 Day Fix was EXACTLY what I needed—structure AND simplicity. The portion control nutrition plan takes the guesswork out of eating healthy and I no longer had to count calories (WOO HOO!!!). The workouts were fun AND effective. And, everything was delivered by someone I would totally hang out with! (In fact, I have…read about my beach workout with Autumn here.)

I am eternally grateful to Autumn Calabrese for creating this lifestyle-changing weight loss program! Since it was released, I have centered my coaching business on the 21 Day Fix. Over the past two years, I have created a wealth of FREE 21 Day Fix resources on our website as a result of coaching HUNDREDS of people through the program. Please, take advantage of them!

Sign Up Now!

You’re just a few steps away from getting your hot hands on my FREE 21 Day Fix meal plan and other invaluable resources! Just fill out the form below and let’s get started.

(NOTE: This offer is intended for people who are interested in doing the 21 Day Fix program and do NOT already work with a Beachbody coach.)

Coach Monica's FREE 21 Day Fix Meal Plan |

YES…please send me Coach Monica’s Meal Plan, Tools & Newsletter!

Preparing a 21 Day Fix Meal Plan

Wait…I have MORE for you!

In this video, I’ll show you how I meal plan on the 21 Day Fix so you can get an idea of the process. My primary goal as your coach is to have you learn how to do this with the foods YOU love.


Free 21 Day Fix Coaching

When you purchase the 21 Day Fix program from me, you also get coached by me for FREE. (You do NOT get this if you buy a knock off or pirated version of the program.)

One of the best perks of my coaching program is my private online Facebook accountability group. Being a part of a dedicated community exponentially increases your chances of success! (Seriously…there’s science behind this!) Coach Monica’s 21 Day Fix Family is filled with enthusiastic “Fixers” just waiting to welcome you and encourage you on your health, fitness and WHOLE LIFE journey. This is the place where I hand out #coachmonicasorders AND you’ll learn the meaning of #myfixedplate. Both the Fix Family and I will show you how the 21 Day Fix Meal Plan works so you can start getting healthy and losing weight.

I am passionate about sharing this program with others, so I am truly thankful that you are here. It is my goal to help YOU achieve success with the 21 Day Fix—and, by success, I mean a permanent change in your lifestyle (not just fitting into that wedding dress or bikini)!

Please hurry so we can get started!!!

Get FREE Fitness & Nutrition Coaching!


Author: Monica

Wife, mother, former elementary school teacher, one-half of a dynamic coaching team and co-founder of the Fit Club Network. I am currently an Independent 14 Star Diamond Coach whose passionate about helping others transform their lives.

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