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Who Invented Shakeology?

Who Invented Shakeology? |

Who Invented Shakeology? |

Who Invented Shakeology?

It’s always cool to know whose behind the stuff that makes such an incredible difference in our lives. For both Monica and I, one of the game changers was Shakeology, so let’s talk a little bit about who invented Shakeologyand why it came to be.

Last week Monica and I were on the 2010 Top Coach trip to the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii. We are so glad that we tore ourselves away from gazing at Hanalei Bay to attend a question and answer session with Isabelle Daikeler, the wife of Beachbody founder and CEO, Carl Daikeler and the brains behind Shakeology. Yes, Isabelle Daikeler—along with Darin Olien—are the inventors of this amazing nutritional supplement.

The talk was fascinating. I knew a lot about Shakeology going in, but I came out knowing a whole lot more. I’ll be writing more about the adaptogens that are in Shakeology in my next blog because I want you to fully understand the role they play in your health and fitness program.

Here’s an (updated) video where Isabelle talks about how Shakeology helps you health:

Isabelle wasn’t just concerned about her own well being. As it turns out, Carl hates vegetables. Don’t ask me to explain it, but the man just won’t eat them. Shakeology was created, in part, to satisfy Carl’s daily nutritional requirements. Here’s why he suggests drinking it every day:

You may notice that Isabelle is pregnant in these videos. Isabelle and Carl were blessed with Danny, who is probably the cutest kid [next to mine] that I’ve ever seen.

Daren Olien is the other half of the brains behind Shakeology. Check out our video interview of him here.

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