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One Pound of Fat vs One Pound of Muscle

One Pound of Fat vs One Pound of Muscle |

One Pound of Fat vs One Pound of Muscle |

One Pound of Fat vs One Pound of Muscle

Is one pound of fat vs one pound of muscle the same size? NO…they are NOT! 

First, if I place one pound of muscle on a scale and one pound of fat on a scale, obviously they will both weigh one pound. BUT, there is a big difference their total volume. One pound of muscle will appear to be the about the size of a baseball, while one pound of fat will be three times the size and look like a squiggly bowl of Jell-O. This is because muscle is denser than fat.

Now, let’s apply this to a human body. Before I began exercising, I weighed 141 pounds and was a size 10. After my first round of Power 90, I was 139 pounds and a size 6.

Second, muscle is more metabolically active than fat. According to, muscle burns about 7 to 10 calories daily per pound, while fat burns two to three calories daily per pound. But, in order to actually benefit from your muscles is to use them.

Setting all of this size comparison aside, we all know it’s healthier to have less fat and more muscle. High body fat is linked to Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, breathing problems, gallstones, and some cancers. The optimal range for women is 18% to 30% body fat; men are at 10% to 25%. If you exceed these ranges, you’re considered “obese.”

The moral of the story? Assess your results by using a tape measure to measure inches lost and pay attention to how your clothes fit. After this, you’re allowed to step on the scale. 

Now…go bring it! And, as always, message us if you have any questions or fitness or nutrition info you need help with:

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