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Tony Horton on Shakeology

Tony Horton on Shakeology |

Tony Horton on Shakeology |

Tony Horton on Shakeology

Shakeology is one of the most diverse superfood products that has ever been created. But, don’t take it just from me—here’s some feedback from Tony Horton on Shakeology. Tony has serious knowledge and even more serious integrity.

About Shakeology

Shakeology first appeared on March 15, 2009, and has continued to change millions of lives worldwide to this day.

More and more people are becoming aware of the fact that unhealthy food and lifestyle can have serious repercussions. As a result, they are choosing to seek out information on how to change their way of life—including what exercises they should be doing, what foods they ought to give up and, more importantly, what foods they should start eating.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You might be surprised to find out that fresh veggies and meat cost a fraction of what you would normally pay for most processed foods.

With supplements, you have to look at things a little differently. For instance, at first glance, you might think—”Wow, Shakeology is expensive!” However, you’ve really got to be fully informed.

Shakeology contains more than 70 natural ingredients derived from rich, nutrient-dense whole food sources from around the world. It is so incredibly healthy that no other single food item out there can supply you with all the nutrients, vitamins, proteins, and minerals in the amounts you need it can.

If you were to add up the cost of all the ingredients you would have to buy to get all that you get in a package of Shakeology, you’d be flabbergasted because you’d be dropping about $700 to get all the benefits that this powerful supplement provides to you—that is IF you could even get your hands on them. Instead, you pay only about $130, or roughly $4 per serving.

Some of the ingredients in Shakeology are camu-camu (an amazing anti-oxidant), wheat grass (astounding health benefits), reishi (great for the immune system), flax seed (for your hair and skin), and superfoods like schisandra, moringa and konjac.

Ummm, do you even know that these are, let alone where to find them? And, then imagine how much time and knowledge are required to determine the proper portions of each ingredient!

It took Beachbody a team of high level scientists to create Shakeology and the old cliché fits quite well here—you get exactly what you pay for.

Here are just a few of the benefits of Shakeology:

  • Increases energy
  • Improves digestion
  • Reduces appetite and unhealthy cravings
  • Helps you lose weight

Shakeology comes in four regular and vegan flavors—chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and café latte.

Check out this hilarious video by Tony Horton on Shakeology. (Make sure you stick around until the end where he gives you thoughts on such things as “fatty fat chips,” “cheezy puffs,” and “Sugar O’s.”)



Free Shakeology Sample

If you’d like to try Shakeology for free, head over to our sample request page. We offer free samples to people who sign up for our FREE coaching program.

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