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Coach Monica’s 21 DAY FIX FAQ VIDEO SERIES: Can I Eat Foods I Like on the 21 Day Fix?

This post was last updated on Nov 4, 2018 @ 7:53 pm
Coach Monica's 21 Day Fix Video FAQ Series: Can I Eat Foods I Like on the 21 Day Fix? |

Coach Monica's 21 DAY FIX FAQ VIDEO SERIES: Can I Eat Foods I Like on the 21 Day Fix? |

Can I Eat Foods I Like on the 21 Day Fix?

When people ask me “Can I eat foods I like on the 21 Day Fix?,” I tell them the answer is a qualified YES.

Some people are concerned they’re going to have to eat tofu and rice cakes for 21 days on the 21 Day Fix program. That’s definitely not the case—although you definitely can if you like these foods! Now, if you just like foods like chips and ice cream, you may be a bit disappointed.

The 21 Day Fix is about learning to eat whole single ingredient foods—like a strawberry or some chicken. Foods that either came from the ground or, at one point, walked on it [preferably in an open environment rather than a cage]. The ultimate goal is to make a lasting change in how you eat—a lifestyle change—rather than just view this like a short-term diet.

Watch this video where I talk a little bit more about whether you can eat foods you like on the 21 Day Fix:



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