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The Nutritional Benefits of a Library Card

Are You Missing Out on the Benefits of a Library Card? |


The Nutritional Benefits of a Library Card

Did you know that only roughly 3% of Americans have a library card??? Clearly they are not seeing the many FREE benefits of a library card as I do, particularly when it comes to nutrition!

I know, I know…many people would probably answer this question with, “Why in the heck would you even need a library card with the internet?” Maybe it’s because I’m a hands on person. Or, it might be that our city library is AMAZING and is just a short bike ride from my home. It could be that kind of takes me back to my elementary school teachering days. I do know it’s a treasure chest. There’s mind melding knowledge inside those walls. There’s spirit shaping empowerment there, too. There are invaluable resources to bring wealth to ALL areas of your life.

Before I go on, listen to this short clip by Jim Rohnone of my favorite mentors who I could listen to all day—who also realizes the wisdom of the world lies within the walls of your local library:

When it comes to healthy nutrition, use your local library as a resource to stimulate ideas and get practice adapting regular recipes to fit your nutrition plan. When you walk through the doors, head to the magazine section first. Instead of spending $4-$8 on a magazine from the store, borrow them! Or, use that mobile camera to snap pics of recipes you can tweak at home.

The Nutritional Benefits of a Library Card | TheFitClubNetwork.comHere’s what I did the last time I was there…

I was in the mood to incorporate something different into my 21 Day Fix meal plan. I grabbed a stack of magazines and start flipping them. (My favorites are Sunset and Eating Well.) I found a recipe for Pesto Linguini and snapped a pic. When I got home, I put some thought into how I could use food swaps to make it Fix-compliant.

Instead of pasta, I used spiraled zucchini (green container) and I made the pesto out of peas (yellow), ricotta cheese (red), fresh basil and garlic (free!), olive oil (teaspoon), and parmesan (blue). Voila! I’m not missing my Nonna’s pasta quite so much as I was before.

When you’re done in the magazine section, go to town in the cookbook section. On your way out, pick up a personal development book. It will have FAR more impact on your fitness and nutrition habits than any cookbook ever will.

Here’s a short video I posted on the fly:

And, here’s another little tip for you—think about putting all the money you save from all the free benefits of a library card into a Shakeology kitty. It adds up faster than you think and this is one of my most powerful power tools!

Click below to see some of our favorite personal development books:

Personal Development Books We Love!



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