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Autumn Calabrese Working Out

Autumn Calabrese Working Out at the Fit Club Network Diamond Coach Leadership Retreat - Coronado, CA|

Autumn Calabrese Working Out at the Fit Club Network Diamond Coach Leadership Retreat - Coronado, CA|

Autumn Calabrese Working Out

In November 2014, Dave and I put on a leadership retreat for the top Diamond coaches on our team. One of the many rewards for their hard work was to join 21 Day Fix creator Autumn Calabrese working out on a beautiful San Diego beach.

If you’re not up on the amazing Autumn, I will tell you this…Autumn Calabrese is FAR more than a fit and pretty celebrity spokesmodel. She got where she is through a combination of hard work, passion, and brains. She is a certified fitness trainer, national bikini competitor, and the creator of several popular fitness programs (including the 21 Day Fix).

In addition to the regular Fix, she created the 21 Day Fix Extreme, Hammer and Chisel (with Sagi Kalev), and the soon-to-be-launched Country Heat dance workout. Her portion control approach to nutrition—a game changer for me—is how she shines brighter than the rest. Autumn is on a mission to help people build a strong nutritional foundation by teaching them how to make healthier food choices and eat the correct portions. Consistent exercise and healthy eating, NOT just a temporary diet, is her philosophy. A TON of people have lost a TON of weight on her programs (just ask the ladies in my Fix Family accountability group)!

After Autumn spoke to our group about all things 21 Day Fix, she brought us out to the sand…and kicked our collective butts. Anyone who may have thought that the 21 Day Fix workouts were easy were set straight. We broke some serious sweat!

First, we focused on the upper and mid-body by doing a variety of push-ups. Later, we incorporated jumping motions that took a toll on our lower body. We finished off with squats and some low crawling—army style—which definitely reassured us that the 21 Day Fix is no joke.

It was a sweaty, but beautiful day on the sandy beach! Check out the video below to see our super strenuous workout session:

One of my many future goals is to invite Autumn—or another one of Beachbody’s awesome trainers—to a health and fitness retreat that will be open to all the wonderful people I coach. If I’m not already your coach, I highly suggest you sign up today, so you can be a part of this lucky group who may just be able to join Autumn Calabrese working out some time in the future! My coaching is FREE, so there’s absolutely NO reason not to sign up now.

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We will definitely continue putting on more amazing leadership retreats for our Coaches!

Have you ever considered being a coach? It is literally at the tip top of the list of my very best decisions. I'm SO glad Dave got over his doubt and jumped on board a few years later (or he'd probably still be miserable working far too many hours for someone else as an attorney)! We have a bunch of info on our can start poking around and get a good idea of what we do and how we do it here. Of course, you can message us at any time with questions.

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Wife, mother, former elementary school teacher, one-half of a dynamic coaching team and co-founder of the Fit Club Network. I am currently an Independent 14 Star Diamond Coach whose passionate about helping others transform their lives.

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