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Top 10 Beachbody Coach FAQ

Top 10 Beachbody Coach FAQ |

TOP 10 Beachbody Coach FAQ

We get asked a TON of questions about what we do, so we’ve created a bunch of helpful resources on our site, including this Top 10 Beachbody Coach FAQ.

1.What is a Beachbody Coach?

Beachbody refers to their distributors as “Coaches”—because they are more than just distributors or sales reps. In addition to their ability to sell and suggest fitness products and workouts, they also have a vested interest to coach the people they are in contact with into a better and healthier way of life.

2.Who can be a Beachbody Coach?

ANYONE! You do not need to be invited—you can make this decision yourself and sign up today. We strongly encourage those who have a strong desire to help others while reaching their own goals to do it!

This is a home-based business where you are a “go-to” person helping people get fit using Beachbody’s high quality products. You do not need to have certifications, degrees, or years of experience working in the fitness industry to do this. All you need to do is to be an example yourself—and a willingness to share your successes with others.

You can be a fitness professional, in the best shape of your life, or working on your own health and fitness goals—all that matters is that you are committed and dedicated to staying accountable, so you can help others become accountable in their goals, too.

3.What do I “do” everyday as a Beachbody Coach?

Depending on where you want to take your business or the direction of your goals, this answer can be different for everyone. The most common answer is: share your story!

As a Beachbody Coach, you have the ability to sell any Beachbody item—from nutritional supplements to Beachbody on Demand (BOD) membership (the Netflix of fitness!) Just start telling your story and letting people know of your new business venture. Trust us, the word will spread. You will have the greatest gains in your business if you build a downline team of coaches.

4.What are the fees to become a Beachbody Coach?

Beachbody really wants to make this as affordable as possible, so that we can make a HUGE difference in our direction to change one person at a time in becoming more fit and healthy!

Initial Cost to Join ($39.95
 plus shipping/handling): 
This includes your Business Kit 
and your FIRST month’s fee of your personal coaching webpage.

Monthly Webpage Fee ($15.95): Your personalized webpage, which will be mostly built and automatically updated/maintained by Beachbody, will serve multiple purposes. All you need to do is personalize it with your photo and bio! Your customers can make purchases from your virtual store, join Team Beachbody, and you can sign up your coaches here, too.

There is also a secure “Coaching Back Office,” which is where you will maintain or watch your business grow, see your downline coaches, and track your weekly pay checks.

OPTIONAL Beachbody On Demand Membership ($39 for 3 months/$59 for 6 months/$99.00 for 1 year): As a BOD Member, you will have access to additional fitness and nutritional programs available to you on your webpage, as well as Beachbody on Demand. However, the #1 reason to be a part of this club is Beachbody’s “Lead Generation Program,” which is explained in the next FAQ.

5. Does Beachbody give me any customers?

YES! Beachbody spends over $100 million annually in advertising. When those customers (about 20,000-30,000) contact Beachbody to purchase something, or to get more involved, Beachbody assigns those contacts to coaches who meet certain qualifications. Just reach the basic level of “Emerald,” maintain active status, qualify for our monthly Success Club, and you will receive customers in your database…possibly every day! You will earn commissions from these customers’ repeat business!

6. How do I earn income as a Beachbody coach?

Any sales from your Team Beachbody website or direct sales to customers earn you around 25% in commission. When customers sign up for a Beachbody on Demand Membership, you earn 40% of their quarterly membership dues. Personally sponsored coaches who have signed up for a BOD Membership earn you a 40% commission. Additionally, you can earn Bonuses when other Coaches enroll on your Team and become productive.

And, you get a 25% discount on any item you personally purchase as well! If you want to learn more about how Coaches earn income, check out our Beachbody Income Video Series.

7. Do I have to stock inventory?

NO! Being a Beachbody Coach is totally a virtual business operated through a web store that is provided to you by Beachbody. In fact, all of the workouts are live streamed now through Beachbody on Demand. If you choose to do so, you can purchase nutritional supplements in greater amounts and sell them at your leisure or as drop shipments. However, that is totally optional.

8. Can I be a coach if I’m not in the U.S.?

Yes, residents of U.S. Territories (or military locations), Canada or the U.K. are eligible to be Beachbody Coaches! Beachbody has plans to extend the opportunity to numerous other countries.

9. How can I fit this in my daily life? I’m already way too busy!

If you’re involved in fitness already, this will be MUCH easier for you. It will be natural and follow what you normally do already. Opportunity always presents itself, now you’ll just have a way of earning commissions on the products you’ve already been suggesting.

If you’re new to fitness, Team Beachbody and our team (known as the Fit Club Network) provides you with a wealth of resources and products that are so amazing and convenient that they don’t require a hard sell.

The extent to which you develop your “downline” of coach is totally up to you. You can be very aggressive to create a long downline of coaches in order to capitalize on that aspect of the compensation plan or you can skip this part and either sell no or few memberships and enjoy your 25% discount.

10. Can I cancel anytime?

YES! You can cancel within your first 30 days and be completely refunded the first month’s fees. Thereafter, you can cancel at anytime and only be out the amount of time you were in the business. However, you will lose your seniority position and level you were once in the company and you will be required to wait six months from cancellation before you can re-activate, at which point you will have to start over.

We have TONS of helpful info if you want to dig deeper. Start on here:

How to be a Beachbody Coach


And, don't hesitate to contact us for more information or if you have any questions. We are passionate about what we do and the Fit Club Network Team is one of the biggest and the best. We are looking very forward to helping you!

Neither Ward5000 Enterprises, Inc. (d/b/a The Fit Club Network) or Beachbody guarantees any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located at "Statement of Independent Coach Earning" for the most recent information on our Coaches' actual incomes.

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